Driving Value To Members – Maicel Green, Talquin Electric Cooperative

In business, every dollar matters. That’s why at the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, we prioritize driving value to our members every single day. Your Chamber membership is an investment and we know that the time and resources of your business are precious. Our job is to make Tallahassee work better and that happens by helping build strong and thriving businesses. The promise we make to our members is that the Chamber will always seek to create value through rich programs and a diverse network that is open to anyone who believes in progress.

The Chamber was founded to be an organization focused on the future, while always seeking to improve the present. Today, our organization continues that tradition through the year-round engagement of our members. To be a member of the Chamber is to stand with other business leaders who believe in the advancement of the community and the strength of our shared interests. Our network of members is diverse and the impact of our unified voice continues to push Tallahassee forward.

Chamber members participate in unique experiences that are crafted to help change the trajectory of companies and careers. The Chamber’s model of active membership is a system that produces real results. The more you engage, the more opportunities you will find.

“The Chamber has been an incredibly important part of my career and today I use our company membership as a means of broadcasting who we are and how our services matter to the community,” says Maicel Green, Media and External Affairs Director of Talquin Electric Cooperative. “Our business touches the lives of thousands of people and the Chamber is a venue for me to reach out and be proactive in the community we all call home.”

The Talquin Electric Cooperative has been a part of the Chamber of Commerce for over 20 years. As one of the region’s critical service providers, Talquin uses the Chamber as a way to conduct regular outreach with their customers and the business community at large.  Maicel oversees media and External Affairs for Talquin and sees her role in the Chamber as an essential part of her job. “Whether I’m listening to a presentation at a breakfast meeting or connecting with colleagues at Professional Women’s Forum, my role as a Chamber member and representative of our company is interchangeable.”

There is no shortage of opportunities for Chamber members to engage in the broad network of businesses that comprise our membership. With such a variety of options for engagement, every member can find a program or connection that adds value to their business. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the members of the Chamber is how much they seek to drive value to each other.

“I’m proud to be a Chamber Ambassador. Everytime we cut the ribbon to welcome a business or celebrate a milestone; it’s a chance to showcase something special about Tallahassee. I love meeting new members and sharing the stories of great successes. It is always a thrill to be with a group of business leaders who care so much about seeing others succeed.”

Each year the Chamber calendar is filled with chances to meet fellow business leaders and gain further understanding of what makes our community thrive and grow. Chamber members are at the heart of everything we do as an organization and creating value for those businesses will always be the core of who we are. “The Chamber is like family. These businesses care about each other and they care about Tallahassee. There is tremendous value in that and I’ll always be a member.”