“Your Digital Reputation Matters More Now Than Ever” Dustin Rivest, 223 Agency

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of vital digital touches is skyrocketing by the hour. People are being encouraged or mandated to move to self-isolation and are working from home. All of our digital devices are getting more screen time and are more critical than ever before.

A priority for your business is to ensure your digital presence remains on a solid foundation. What does this mean for you and your business? Below are five ways to make sure your online communications and reputation are secure, accessible and trustworthy during this time.

Website Security

Ensure your crucial business info and website updates are secure. Check to see that your SSL Certificates are active and make sure your online forms are protected.

Website Pop-up Notices

Pop-up notices allow website visitors to see important updates and info regarding your services and operations during this critical time. Keep your message short with appropriate vital contact information.

Social Media Management

Maintain vital social media posts, communicating timely and routinely about operations and availability to your clients and customers, through whichever social media platform they connect with you on.

Online Reputation Management

Numerous reputable search engines are focused on sharing the most trustworthy information for your business. If you are changing hours of operation or service delivery due to Covid-19, be sure to update your particular information across major online directories.

Communication Strategy and Questions

Not only do your customers need to know how to contact you electronically quickly, but you also need to have a strategy and procedure in place for timely responses to questions or issues. Designate who will respond to what, and the time frame for responses.

Your best contact today is electronic. Stay safe and healthy.

Dustin Rivest, Founder & CEO