Change by Design Strategizes Growth in Industrial Trades

In collaboration with another consulting group, Change by Design’s Dr. Sue Ebbers has completed Phase 1 of a multi-phase project with a western US technical college’s industrial trades department. The goal of the project is to help key stakeholders and faculty envision and create a regional go-to industrial trades school that offers 21st century benefits.

These benefits include:
• Pathways linking middle school to high school to trades college to four-year degrees.
• Alignment with industry needs and close collaboration with business and industry.
• Relevance over the next 15 years, given projected community business growth.
• Stackable credentials, micro-credentialing, and variable scheduling.
• Apprenticeships and internships.
• Infusion of professional skills, such as teaming and time management, into the curriculum.
• ELearning and blended learning opportunities.
• Alternative teaching methods that broaden the school’s reach.

“This is a fascinating new area of expertise for me,” Ebbers said. “I had no idea how critical an issue it is that many schools all over the country are not meeting the need for well-trained workers in the technical trades. In addition, projections indicate a significant near-future drop in the number of skilled laborers for jobs…jobs such as sustainable construction, diesel technology, heavy equipment operations, welding, and machining.”

“I’m really glad I’ve had the chance to contribute in meaningful ways to am urgent national problem,” she concluded.

Phase II of the project will begin in a couple of months.

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