Chamber Podcast Ep. 35 – Is Digital Relations the New Public Relations? Dustin Rivest, 223 Agency

The Chamber Podcast has a new identity in the New Year. We welcome you to the Tallahassee Business Podcast, Presented by the 223 Agency.

Starting off strong, we welcome Dustin Rivest, Founder & CEO of the 223 Agency to the podcast. 223 Agency, a digital relations firm, is the brainchild of Rivest whose background in digital marketing has shown through in everything he’s done.

As a Tallahassee local, Rivest originally started his business as a text message marketing program targeted toward college students. In 2011, Applications were gaining popularity and App Innovators was born. After many years of doing custom Apps and expanding the business to take on more and more in the digital marketing space, App Innovators re-branded as 223 Agency. The full-service digital relations firm still holds on to a sister company, Event Owl, whose focus is on Apps for event and conferences.

We share a big word of thanks to Dustin Rivest and his team at 223 Agency for sponsoring the Tallahassee Business Podcast for 2020. We encourage you to visit their website at