Chamber Conference: Market “disrupters” find success in Tallahassee


AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. (WCTV) – As online shopping continues to grow many local businesses are turning to innovative techniques to draw customers into their shops.

That includes Midtown Reader on Thomasville Road.

Owner Sally Bradshaw, along with leadership from Proof Brewing Company and For the Table Hospitality, spoke about what it means to be an market “disrupter” at the annual Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Conference.

“Disruption can be a negative word, but in the way we’re using it with the Chamber it’s a positive word,” said Bradshaw. “It gives you the sense that people are moving the needle and doing things a different way to provide more opportunities for Tallahasseans to connect.”

For Midtown Reader, that means offering a full experience of literacy, growing and thinking at the book store.

The shop provides free programming and content to the public, including session with local writers who speak about their techniques or authors who come in to discuss the books they wrote. There is also special programming for children.

For Bradshaw, being a market disrupter means being a problem solver for the local community.

“If you can invest in your community and bring opportunities and talent and interesting readers and writers and problem solvers to town, then you can make a huge difference for adults and children in Tallahassee,” said Bradshaw.