Chamber Advocacy Update – April 7, 2015


As part of your Chamber Business Advocacy Committee’s goal of monitoring, informing, communicating and advocating on your behalf regarding important issues impacting local businesses, listed below are highlights for the upcoming local government meetings during this week and next. Chamber representatives will participate in support of your business and joining with our partners toward enhancing our region’s economic climate.  Below you will find a brief description of those other issues on the public agenda that you may find of interest to our business community.

Below you will find a brief description of those issues on the public agenda that you may find of special interest.

City of Tallahassee Commission Meeting (April 8th)

The next City of Tallahassee Commissioners regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 8th at 4 p.m. in the Commission Chambers of City Hall. Additional information regarding all City agenda issues (such as those highlighted below) can be found in the full City agenda at:

In addition to a series of Target Issue Committee updates to the full board, the City Commission has a few notable action items on the agenda that are of interest to the business community, including:

Three ordinances will be introduced formally, for later commission action, in Section 12 of the City Agenda;

  • Item 13.01 provides the update regarding the recent performance audit of the Consolidated Dispatch Agency (CDA) and related contracts with the CDA’s primary contract service provider (Motorola) of the City.
  • Item 13.03 presents the final report of the City’s Community Leadership Council on Gun Violence.  Led by TPD Chief Michael DeLeo, and including numerous civic and business leaders (including the Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee [BAC] Chair Reggie Bouthillier and Chamber and BAC Board Member Gloria Pugh), this Council has spent months deeply investigating the data and substantive issues surrounding our community’s gun violence issues.  The report serves as a comprehensive report with a series of initial recommendations for proactive steps to be taken by the community to address these safety concerns and improve our quality of life.  It is anticipated that further reports with additional action (and funding) recommendations may be expected on this matter at future meetings and as additional progress is made by the Council and TPD.
  • Item 13.05 provides the City with an updated policy for prioritizing new sidewalk construction within the City moving forward.  After many recent months of increased discussion on sidewalk mobility enhancements, including recent action to fund construction of major improvements along South Magnolia Drive, staff is presenting further policy updates reflecting Commission direction to better streamline the policy that helps guide ranking for upcoming sidewalk construction projects.

Leon County Commission Meeting (April 14th)

The next Leon County Board of County Commissioners regular meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, April 14th at 3 p.m. in the Commission Chambers of the County Courthouse.   Additional information regarding all County agenda issues (such as those highlighted below) can be found in the full agenda at:

The County Commission has a few notable action items on the agenda that are of interest to the business community, including:

  • Item #9:  Presents the latest annual status report regarding all county-owned real estate within Leon County.  This item comprehensively outlines and details all county lands, major functions, and provides a unique insight to the county’s status as lessor and lessee of some properties.
  • Item #11:  Similar to the companion City item, reviewed in the “City” section above, the County Commission will receive and consider the report regarding the performance audit recently conducted at the joint City/County Consolidated Dispatch Agency (CDA).  This report covers both the outcomes of some of the dispatch-related issues that have arisen recently as well as proactive administrative steps that have been made to correct and further improve performance at this key “first responder” work unit of our community.
  • Item #16:  During their scheduled and publicly noticed 6 p.m. public hearing for this purpose, the Comprehensive Plan amendments (2015-Cycle 1) will be considered by both the City and County Commissions, sitting jointly.   This (usually large) item is “an agenda within the agenda” and is normally submitted under separate cover by planning staff under the guidance of City and County administration.  Accordingly, it is still being prepared and is not yet ready for distribution at the time of this writing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions you may have about this content and/or the Chamber’s comprehensive set of activities to Monitor, Inform, Engage and Advocate on behalf of the Greater Tallahassee business community through the Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee.

On behalf of your Business Advocacy Committee,

Benjamin H. Pingree, MPA
Vice President, Business Retention/Expansion & Public Policy

Seeking to monitor, inform, communicate and engage for the benefit of our members, businesses and economic good.