Business Advocacy Committee Update – April 22, 2016


The Chamber staff and BAC members have met with City & County staff to share our concerns about the mobility fee, our frustration with the concurrency fee system as it exists today and our desire to help shape a more meaningful structure going forward.

Based on those discussions, staff expects the Chamber will play a prominent role in shaping the new policy going forward and we look forward to sharing our perspective with both the City and County Commissioners in the next couple of weeks.

We are looking forward to forming a special committee of qualified experts from the Chamber membership with the purpose of carefully examining the study parameters, the potential impacts of any proposed changes, and working with other community leaders to insure a business friendly outcome.

Chamber staff is anticipating a story being published in the Tallahassee Democrat this weekend that will chronicle the history of the mobility fee discussions and the potential impacts a mobility fee structure could have on the community. Our BAC leadership has contributed to that reporting and we look forward to the continued community dialogue.

It should also be noted that the County Commission will take up a discussion for funding the mobility fee study at its April 26th Budget Workshop meeting. Details of that meeting can be found below in this Business Advocacy Update.


  • Approval to Establish a $1,000,000 Economic Development Incentive Fund for the Tallahassee/Leon County Office of Economic Vitality through $500,000 Contributions Each by the County and City of TallahasseeThe County has $356,000 budgeted for the purposes of leveraging Qualified Target Industry incentives. Staff is recommending that the Board realign these funds, along with an additional one-time infusion of $144,000 from fund balance, in order to provide half of the resources toward a $1 million economic development incentive fund for the Tallahassee/Leon County Office of Economic Vitality. The City of Tallahassee will be asked to support the additional $500,000.
  • Consideration of Providing Funding to Hire a Mobility Fee Consultant in Coordination with the City of TallahasseeThis item has the potential to have up to a $162,500 fiscal impact to the County to jointly fund a Mobility Fee study in FY 2017 with the City of Tallahassee; the total study is estimated not to exceed $325,000.

Click here to access the complete County Budget Workshop Agenda


  • Acceptance of Market District Action Plan UpdateFor those seeking information on plans and designs for potential upgrades to the sense of place for the Market District, there is a full document available with an overview of the area and concepts for improvements.

Click here to access the complete Leon County Commission Agenda


Fiscal Year 2015-16 Second Quarter Budget Update

The following table visualizes the status of each of the operating funds. The color coding corresponds as follows:

  • Green – The fund as of the current quarterly update is within budget.
  • Yellow – The fund’s key drivers are being monitored. There is a budgetary issue that is causing some concern.
  • Red – The current status of the fund requires action to return it back to a balanced state.


Famu Way Phase 3 Preferred Route Alignment Approval

  • This item seeks approval for a recommended alignment for phase 3 of the FAMU Way road construction project. City Staff is recommending an alignment with Stuckey Avenue at Lake Bradford Drive. This proposed route benefits efforts to enhance the airport gateway.

First of two public hearings regarding Amended and Restated Canopy Development Agreement

The proposed development includes the following:

  • Residential – 1,417 residential dwelling units (including 126 inclusionary units)
  • Adult Living Facility – 180 beds
  • Office and Retail – 115,000 square feet
  • Institutional and Government Uses – 240,000 square feet
  • Donation of land for a senior center site – five acres (60,000 square feet)
  • Donation of land for an elementary site – seven acres (100,000 square feet)
  • Donation of land for a public safety or civic facility – two acres (15,000 square feet)
  • Donation of land for a City water well site – three acres

First public hearing on the proposed Amended and Restated TMH Development Agreement

The proposed amended and restated agreement addresses the following issues:

  • Addition of property to the TMH campus.
  • Expansion of the hospital including the surgical tower (the first phase is anticipated to include approximately 350,000 square feet).
  • Expansion of City electrical substation.
  • Recognition of existing vested rights for medical facility, and
  • Provide for transportation concurrency and mitigation.


  • Approval of Resolution 16-R-13 supporting Project Presidential as a “Qualified Targeted Industry” and approving the required local match of up to $54,000
    • This item appears on both the City and County Commissions agenda for next week
    • The state’s Qualified Targeted Industry (QTI) tax refund incentive program is available to companies that create high wage jobs in targeted high value-added industries. The program includes refunds on selected state taxes for pre-approved applicants who create the targeted jobs. QTI refunds range from $3,000 to $8,000 per net new job created.
  • A local match of 20 percent is required from the local community where the job creation is occurring. In Tallahassee the QTI local match is split evenly between the County and the City.
  • Project Presidential involves the expansion of an existing financial services business in Tallahassee. The proposed expansion would create 180 new positions over the next three to five years. This project has received a preliminary review by the State and has been determined eligible to apply for the QTI Program.