Brandon Mott, CPA and Ben A. “Steve” Stevens III, CPA are admitted to the Shareholder group at Thomas Howell Ferguson P.A. CPAs

Thomas Howell Ferguson P.A. CPAs (THF), a professional accounting, assurance, governmental consulting, and tax services firm headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida admits Brandon Mott, CPA and Ben A. “Steve” Stevens III, CPA to the Shareholder group.

“Brandon started his career with THF. We were the first CPA firm that he worked with, and he worked through every accounting position up to Shareholder,” said Jeff Barbacci, CPA, Managing Shareholder. “He made an investment in his career by being one of the first to move to our Tampa location. Now he is the first shareholder to be fully remote.”

When asked about his rise to Shareholder, Brandon Mott, CPA said, “I’ve seen all the aspects of THF in the different ways that this career can work. I don’t take it lightly being the first primarily remote shareholder. I am committed to come back to the Tampa area to meet our clients, to meet with our team, and I do take it seriously to be a trailblazer in that area.”

Managing Shareholder Jeff Barbacci mentioned that Ben A. “Steve” Stevens III, CPA, “Will be our first dedicated Shareholder to the Governmental Consulting Services Department. He helped build our governmental consulting practices. He’s invested his time and efforts in that area and because of him and the whole team, we are successful!”

“Our team has been fun to build,” said Steve Stevens III, CPA. “It is because of that team, that I have been admitted into the Shareholder group. This team is unique because the majority of our team doesn’t have accounting degrees. Their degrees are in other areas of business. I appreciate the Shareholders having the vision for this department and admitting me into the Shareholder group. I look forward to continued growth, continued building of our excellent team, and I appreciate all the work that the government consulting team has put forth and their effort to learn new things.”


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