How are We Doing? We Need to Talk.

I hope this is not news to anyone, but we have been making a lot of changes around here lately. In addition to launching our new Web site, we have been adding programs and taking strong positions on volatile issues to protect your interests as a local business person. In fact, we have been launching so many efforts that this is our first chance to take a breath and ask a simple question. “How are we doing?”

Chamber Chairman Matt Brown is often reminding us about the importance of measuring and reporting, and this a great opportunity to give him some valuable feedback on our most recent efforts to best serve our membership.

So, what do you think about:

Our new discount office supply partnership with DOCS? We recently announced  a new partnership with DOCS to provide members a discount on office supplies, a major expense to many small-business owners. The partnership with DOCS, a locally owned company, demonstrates the efforts of the Chamber to stimulate the economy and meet local business needs.

Our new “Connect For Lunch” program? Members sign up and are placed at a lunch table with other members at restaurants around town. It is a great way to meet new people or reconnect with old friends – or both.

Our new Web site? It may be a little early to tell, but explore it and see what you think.

Our support of the Concurrency Relief Program? The Concurrency Relief Program, initially adopted in April 2009, to allow developments to apply for a concurrency fee reduction for projects that are determined by the City Commission to provide a public benefit by stimulating private-sector development and job creation. We asked the City Commission to extend the application deadline to December 1, 2010, and require construction to commence no later than December 31, 2011, to encourage additional economic development. The extension was not

An upcoming forum on our financial outlook? On April 8, the Chamber, along with the City of Tallahassee, and Leon County, is presenting “Financial Snapshot: What’s Next For 2010,” a discussion about budgets, capital projects, employment, local business trends and a forecast for the remainder of the year. This event will be from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. at the Civic Center, and is open to the community. It is a tremendous opportunity to get valuable information from our leaders that will help you make smart business decisions for this year and beyond.

We really do want to know what you think, so please let us know if our efforts are meeting your needs. If they are not, tell us how we can do a better job.

We look forward to discussing it with you.

Sue Dick

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