How-to Article Published By Change by Design On How To Transform Company Lunch & Learns Into Robust, Accessible And Effective Training Events

We’ve seen how large and small companies alike are experiencing incredibly challenging operating conditions. Monoculture is dead, and the new normal requires us all to navigate complex digitalized economies, evolving social patterns, and changing workplace environments. As your company faces shifting employee knowledge patterns, they likely have a workforce who is collaborating and interacting together with a diversity of colleagues who have greatly differing attitudes, goals and competencies…even within the same job description! It can certainly be a challenge to keep everything and everyone together. Therefore, it is essential that businesses increase team member cooperation and collaboration to achieve ongoing, profitable outcomes.

If your company is currently scheduling and holding lunch & learns, you probably already understand what a universal fulcrum point this is across every industry. Jeffrey Johnston recently wrote a case-study for how one of our clients leveraged existing lunch & learns into an organizational alignment tool. The results included maintaining a work environment aligned to its organizational purpose, and increasing the flexibility, agility and sensitivity to business change and even broader social change. Here is how a learning and development (L&D) training program can help make that happen. It’s available and free to members of the Chamber at

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