Airport Construction: What You Need to Know

There is little question that Tallahassee International Airport is considered one of the easiest airports to navigate; however, the Airport is undergoing a multi-phased construction project that presents some minor impacts on passenger processing. The Airport recently entered Phase II of its Terminal Rehabilitation Project, which will incorporate advanced technology upgrades to life safety systems and improve Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint processing and functionality. As with any airport transformation of this magnitude, the process is extensive and cannot be accomplished without some minor inconveniences to passengers during the construction process.

Impacts to the TSA checkpoint are the most inconvenient changes taking place, given there is only one available lane for passenger processing during the construction period, scheduled to complete in October 2017.  On the bright side, the completed project will include the expansion of the security checkpoint to three lanes, featuring a dedicated TSA PreCheck lane. With the addition of the TSA PreCheck lane, passengers will be able to purchase a membership from TSA that offers the benefit of expedited checkpoint processing, without the requirement to remove shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and light jackets. Safety and other aesthetic improvements feature, a new fire alarm system, upgraded terminal-wide paging system, Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) office remodel, updated IT and data infrastructure, and new terrazzo flooring.

The Airport and its general contractor, Cook Brothers, Inc., have carefully coordinated and staged the various construction tasks to ensure minimal impacts to Airport operations.  Travelers may want to allow themselves more time than usual for checkpoint processing during the construction period.  The Airport has been advising passengers since the beginning of the project to be prepared for potential delays in security checkpoint processing, issuing a press release, Facebook and twitter postings and posting signage throughout the Airport.  Nevertheless, the standard airline advisories are likely sufficient to ensure enough time to process through the TSA checkpoint and board your flight timely.  Below are the standard airline arrival advisories, without regard to airport size or passenger traffic:

American Airlines:   Arrive 1 ½ hours prior to flight time

Delta Air Lines:         Arrive 2 hours prior to flight time

During your next trip, try arriving a little early and enjoy the new shopping and dining options now available, along with complimentary Wi-Fi.