Aegis launches cyber security training for the community

In 2004 the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance launched Cyber Security Awareness Month. 17 years later, each October they remind us of the importance of cyber security as a nation to keep us all safer online. While this is a good thing, having worked in the technology business in Florida for the past 23 years the Aegis Business Technologies team considers every month of the year cyber security awareness month. “Hackers do not stop and are relentless. You can never let your guard down and you must adhere to industry best practices at all times; while keeping your cyber situational awareness on full alert ” says Aegis CEO, Blake Dowling.

Until there is a silver bullet to stop all cyber-crime, you must deploy redundancy and layers of protection at every level possible. Your cyber defenses should include remote monitoring, advanced threat isolation and detection tools, two-factor authentication, redundant backups, robust passwords with password management tools, enterprise-level firewall, physical security, baseline security products (anti-virus, anti-spam) and cyber training.

The training aspect of cyber defense is often overlooked and so many end-users and organizations still fall for threats they should recognize. Attacks like the gift card schemes (you get an email to go buy gift cards for your boss) and phone scams (someone calling from Microsoft to reset your password) and worst of all ransomware email attacks (fake emails appearing to be from a reputable source). Blake added “To help with the awareness issue and for the digital safety of the community, we decided to share a short crash course in cyber training with the public. We put this together for our clients over the summer but in the spirit of Cyber Security Awareness month, we are now sharing it with everyone. If we can help stop some attacks here in Florida it was worth the gesture”.

Aegis Business Technologies is a Managed Services provider headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida and helps their clients with all the cyber security products mentioned previously as well as assisting with all their technology support needs.

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