Aegis celebrates the Biz & Tech Podcast one year anniversary

A little over a year ago, Aegis Business Technologies announced the launch of a podcast called Biz & Tech. The podcast started as a new way to engage with the community, discuss technology and showcase a special guest with each episode. Since that the first show, the Aegis studio has welcomed many local business people, elected officials, and media personalities. Biz & Tech is now celebrating its one-year anniversary and the team is beyond excited for the 2021 slate of guests.

It all started back in 2019 when Aegis CEO, Blake Dowling, was asked to head to Connecticut to be a guest on the Datto Podcast and discuss Hurricane Michael. The next week he was a guest on the Digital Opps Podcast discussing cybersecurity. The week after that he was on the Tallahassee Chamber Podcast discussing their annual conference. The writing was on the wall and Biz & Tech was born. “If we are going to be on all these shows we might as well have our own and be in the driver’s seat,” said Blake. “My favorite episodes are discovering unknown commonality or fun facts with our guests like Tracey with Full Press, she was a Big Sister (Big Brothers Big Sisters), or discussing with Brad Swanson (Executive Director of Florida Internet and Television) the fact that his Dad was a producer on Caddy Shack. Or showcasing an organization like Second Harvest who is doing extremely noble work in Florida.”

Little did anyone know the world was about to change. As the podcast continued, it became an important mechanism for Aegis to communicate with its audience during the pandemic. Six episodes into the podcast, the world shut down due to COVID-19. However, the podcast continued. It became an essential way to interact with clients as they worked from home and face to face events/meetings ended.

Aegis is proud to have now produced over 15 episodes of the podcast. Blake Dowling added “creating something new to push forward our message, and the message of our friends and partners has been fun and rewarding for our brand. However, who would have known that having this platform available during the pandemic would be so vital for the continuation of our marketing efforts as a company and as a unique ability to virtually connect & engage with our clients. The game changed right before our eyes, and Biz & Tech was there for Aegis and our audience.” Make sure to check out the next episode available on all Aegis social platforms/channels, as well as Buzzsprout, Spotify or iTunes. Thank you also to our production team at Level Up Digital Media.

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