Aegis Business Technologies CEO, Blake Dowling, releases a book

Tallahassee Business Owner Blake H. Dowling Releases Book Featuring Insights From 2020 Pandemic.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Blake H. Dowling and his company, Aegis Business Technologies spent most of the Spring of 2020 helping transition clients to a rapidly changing virtual working world. Dowling, who also writes weekly columns on the intersection of business and technology for Florida Politics and the Tallahassee Democrat. Not only did he and his team help keep their client’s businesses up and running, but he also managed to continue publishing his weekly columns which created a meaningful record of the pandemic. Now, over a year since the onset of the pandemic, those columns are the foundation of Dowling’s debut book, Professionally Distanced.

In the book, Dowling shares a hand selected collection of his columns from the height of the pandemic along with additional reflections on how he and his team handled a year they (and you) will surely never forget. Dowling calls the book an “All-Access” look into how his business and many others were operating at the time. He says, “The pandemic brought challenges to every business, but no matter what line of work you are in, technology likely played a major role in your ability to keep at it. Our company was on call helping clients find those solutions every day and many of those stories are in this collection.”

Dowling, like many other business leaders, had to bring a creative leadership approach to managing his team during the pandemic. Adapting to the rapid shift toward remote working was no easy task. In many of Dowling’s columns from 2020, he wrote about the ways in which he tried to keep morale and employee performance up even while his team was physically separated. Dowling says, “It was a serious time, but we still had to find ways to make work fun. That’s something I care deeply about. Despite the difficulties, I think the pandemic made us a stronger company and in hindsight, I’m so glad I wrote about those experiences as they were happening.”

Professionally Distanced is more than just a book about business though. Dowling also dives into the how the fabrics of the Tallahassee community became separated during lockdowns and what local companies and other organizations were doing to keep things held together. Dowling adds, “Everything about our lives was impacted during the pandemic. The most amazing thing happened though — people came together to get through it. I saw it both on our team at Aegis and across the community we call home. Those were my favorite stories to tell.”

Dowling is debuting the book as part of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Conference in Amelia Island, Florida. During the three-day business event, every guest will receive a copy as part of the swag bag offered to attendees. Dowling is also part of a breakout session panel that weekend titled CYBER IN-SECURITY: HOW TO MAKE CYBERSECURITY A PRIORITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

Readers can purchase a copy of Professionally Distanced: All Access Stories from a Florida Business During the 2020 Pandemic from Midtown Reader. Dowling will also be conducting a book launch party at Midtown Reader in Tallahassee on August 19th at 7pm. The book is also available on-line at Amazon.

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