Aegis Business Technologies celebrates 25 years

25 years ago, Aegis Business Technologies (formerly Aegis Computer Services) was founded to create a company that provided technology support to the private sector here in North Florida. These were the days of mainframes, Novell and before cyber security was a big deal; and long before the Cloud was a thing. For perspective it was 1997, and the movie Men in Black was slapping other films aside for the #1 spot at the box office. Candle in the Wind by Elton John was ruling FM radio as the number one song in the world. Two hours away from Tallahassee, Aegis CEO, Blake Dowling, was wrapping up his degree at the University of Florida. Then that same year he set off to Atlanta for a career in the music business working with Universal Recording Artists Sister Hazel. Meanwhile in Tallahassee, Aegis Founders, Brad Mitchell and Pam Butler were starting off on their mission to create a company that would provide a solution to fill the void of tech expertise for small businesses.

Over the years those individuals’ paths collided and Aegis evolved from that original company that just provided tech support to becoming a complete Managed Services Provider (MSP). An MSP partners with best-in-class providers to bring the most formidable solutions to the market. Concurrently, the core goal of an MSP is to bring tech support and all things technology under one roof for one company to manage for you. Cloud offerings, cyber security, applications, projects, consulting, email, wireless, procurement, and data backup are all combined to provide comprehensive plans for your business.

Aegis CEO Blake Dowling joined the team 16 years ago and recalls very clearly his first meeting with the organization. “I saw a company that was doing very well and a company that was positioned to do something fantastic, so, we went after it”. Blake added, “The founders of this company created something out of nothing; and I will always be thankful for the opportunity they gave me all those years ago when I first joined the team as an Account Executive. Since then, we have taken Aegis to more places, to more organizations and accomplished things that are truly remarkable for a small business. Among the accolades Aegis has accumulated over the years, being named a Florida Trend Best Places to Work every year since our new management team took over is one of my proudest accomplishments. An equally important accomplishment has been building a core of team members who have chosen to make Aegis their professional home year after year.”

Technology is fascinating and technology can be a headache as we have all seen and felt in recent years. The pandemic and our internet for everything society has shown us that technology is ingrained in us. The trick is finding someone who can weather the storm of change, the landscape of threats, and help your business navigate it all. That company was founded 25 years ago and can be found here in Tallahassee. Aegis brings enterprise level solutions to our market with people that you know by name; and that will greet you with a smile. Thank you to all those that wear the Aegis blue with pride each day and thank you to those awesome clients that allow us to be of service. Happy 25th Anniversary Aegis.

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