Advocating For Members – Shawn Roberts, Mad Dog Construction

The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce strives to be the premier voice of business in Florida’s Capital region. The Chamber has been engaged in the work of advancing the community for nearly a century and being an advocate for business is central to who we are as an organization.

Advocacy happens every day at the Chamber. Sometimes it looks like our President & CEO Sue Dick speaking at a public meeting of local government and other days it’s volunteers deliberating the details of a position statement aimed at making pro-business policy changes. Being an advocate for business is a non-stop job and at the Chamber, we aim to make an impact that is reflected in the bottom line of our member businesses.

“The Chamber is there when local business needs help to convene leaders and decision makers as a means of moving the community forward,” says Shawn Roberts of Mad Dog Construction. “Whether it’s a meeting to advance an important project or just gathering information so that our company can make smart decisions, the Chamber is the advocate we have to have on our side.”

Roberts is the Chief Operating Officer of Mad Dog Construction and serves on the Chamber’s Board of Directors. Mad Dog Construction may be a familiar name, but like any company that has been in business for decades, the landscape of the community and the company’s scope of work is always changing. Shawn sees his involvement with the Chamber as a key strategy for the success of their business.

“The Chamber is an investment for our company and for me personally. We believe that our company is best positioned to succeed when we are fully engaged in the efforts to build a better Tallahassee. The Chamber is where that happens.”

Mad Dog Construction is one of many Chamber member companies that are building the future of Tallahassee with every project they are hired to construct. To Roberts, the work of the company goes beyond construction and includes changing how people think of Tallahassee. “We are actively working on job sites that range from small office interiors to some of the tallest buildings in town. We believe that when we walk on a location, we aren’t just hammering nails or hanging sheetrock, we see it as reshaping how people experience our community. That’s the mindset that comes from being active in the Chamber.”

The Chamber’s role as an advocate for business is rooted in the same mindset that Roberts and Mad Dog Construction take to every job. Building a better Tallahassee takes commitment and constant engagement and through the Chamber, companies can find an express lane to that mantra.

Roberts is an example of what a Chamber advocate looks like. The issues that the Chamber are engaged in range in topic, but they all ensure economic growth and community prosperity. “I’m particularly proud of the work the Chamber is doing to advocate for more training opportunities for skilled labor professionals. Now is the time to train the next generation of skilled labor so that Tallahassee can have the workforce we need to see continued growth in the future. The work happening at the Chamber today will shape how we grow tomorrow.”

We are the region’s premiere voice of business committed to:

  • Identifying priorities and working collaboratively to advocate on your behalf
  • Maintaining and nurturing strategic partnerships and coalitions
  • Monitoring issues affecting local business and sharing calls to action
  • Conducting candidate surveys and sharing results with members during election years

Actively gathering your feedback through member surveys and face-to-face interaction and then acting upon your input and interests