Access Tallahassee launches mentorship program aimed at growing young adults


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — One organization in Tallahassee is taking its game to the next level!

Access Tallahassee will be launching a mentorship program in January.

“We kinda felt like kids coming out of a candy store coming out of the pandemic in 2020.”

Philip Browning is the Chair for Access Tallahassee — a group striving to help young people grow. Browning and members of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce met Thursday in the Carriage House.

“We launched several initiatives including the Access to Reading Little Free Library project.”

And now going a step further — setting up a mentorship program. Browning says established business owners will meet with young people once a month starting in January. Another big goal out of this initiative — learning how to lead.

“We also wanted to pair some of our young professionals with community leaders and develop their passion for community involvement so that we can address some needs in the community.”

There’s even a curriculum for students and leaders to follow. It also gives mentors the freedom to choose and talk about initiatives they’re passionate about.

“So we’ve already paired our 18 proteges with mentors.”

Setting up the next generation for success. You can find more information about Access Tallahassee by clicking this link.