5 Minute Lunch Read On Effective Organizational Change From Change By Design

Change by Design is pleased to share a recent article by Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce member Dr. Sue Ebbers on the value of understanding organizational context from a performance systems perspective, to be sure your learning and change interventions are effective. Members of The Chamber can learn free strategies for realigning departments, gaining leadership buy-in and applying best practices to change their systems, by reading the article at http://bit.ly/CBDTC20210617A or contacting Dr. Ebbers at (850) 445-6303 and ebbers@changebydesign.us

About Change by Design

Change by Design is a Florida-based management consulting company that delivers solutions to issues centered around improving workforce capability, effectiveness, and efficiency. We also strategically solve any other organizational challenge that requires quality and process improvement interventions to optimize that organization’s performance. In short, the solutions we deliver focus on achieving organizational alignment of personnel, processes and other organizational elements so that they achieve targeted results.

Change by Design’s expanding sector portfolio includes legislative branch, insurance, industrial trades, telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, education, energy, pharmaceuticals, law enforcement, electronic commerce, transportation, public health, behavioral health, child welfare/ prevention/social services, law enforcement, associations, and academia sectors. http://changebydesign.us