3D-B Stormwater Facility wins the Statewide 2024Environmental Project of the Year Award

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) was recently recognized by the Florida Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and awarded the prestigious 2024 Environmental Project of the Year in the $5 – $25 million category for the 3D-B Stormwater Facility project. Situated along the Capital Cascades Trail on FAMU Way next to the St. Marks Trailhead at the Robert and Trudie Perkins Way roundabout. This landmark project underscores Blueprint’s commitment to environmental conservation and community enhancement through cutting-edge stormwater treatment technologies.  

Spanning five acres, the 3D-B Stormwater Facility was completed in 2023 with a total investment of $6.4 million. The Facility is a cornerstone of Blueprint’s broader $68 million investment in the Capital Cascades Trail Segment 3 project.

“The APWA award underscores Blueprint’s commitment to environmental resilience while enhancing community spaces,” said IA Board and Leon County Board of County Commissioners Chair Carolyn D. Cummings. “3D-B’s multifaceted water treatment system not only ensures a healthier environment but also provides a vibrant community space for residents and visitors alike.”

Strategically positioned to treat stormwater from the downtown and southside area, the 3D-B Stormwater Facility serves multiple essential purposes, including enhancing floodplain capacity for sustainable, infill development and effectively treating water by removing contaminants before flowing into downstream waterbodies like Lake Munson and Wakulla Springs.

“This Southside project is yet another award-winning example of our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and overall community well-being,” IA Board Vice Chair and City of Tallahassee Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox said. “This prestigious recognition from the APWA showcases our commitment to creating sustainable infrastructure that protects our natural resources and enriches the lives of all who proudly call Tallahassee home.”

Innovative stormwater treatment technologies incorporated as part of the facility include a Bio-Activated Media (BAM) up-flow filter, native littoral plantings for natural water filtration, and the Flex Rake trash collection system.

Extensive planning and technical analysis went into ensuring the facility’s effectiveness in environmental stewardship. Leading experts conducted comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, resulting in innovative systems that remove pollutants, decrease flood risk, and support sustainable development. Notably, the project received $500,000 in grant funds from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for its novel stormwater filtration treatment methods.

“Blueprint is immensely proud to implement projects like the 3D-B Stormwater Facility,” said Blueprint Director Autumn Calder. “This award is a testament to our team’s tireless dedication to innovation and sustainability. Blueprint remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a resilient and vibrant community for generations to come.”

Beyond its ecological significance, the 3D-B Stormwater Facility transcends conventional infrastructure projects by creating a holistic community experience, which includes colorful light displays, the adjacent St. Marks Trailhead and the Community Gathering Space.

Last year, the APWA Big Bend recognized both the 3D-B Stormwater Facility for the Environmental Project of the Year in the category between $5 – $25 million and the Debbie Lightsey Nature Park for Project of the Year in the category between $2 – $5 million.

For more information about Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency and its award-winning projects, please visit BlueprintIA.org.