2024 Tallahassee Democrat 25 Women You Need to Know 5 Young Ladies to Watch- Accepting Nominations

It’s time to acknowledge the women who have taken chances, broken barriers, helped others and made Tallahassee a better place. Nominate a deserving friend or colleague for 25 Women You Need to Know by Feb. 15. The Tallahassee Democrat’s Women’s History Month tradition marks its 18th year in 2024, with a tally of 470 women honored. A generation of dedicated, talented and altruistic women and young women have accomplished big things since it started in 2006. This year marks the 10th year of the Young Women category, added in 2014.
Go to data.tallahassee.com/nominate-25-women and fill out the short nomination form. Your nomination form matters, so make sure you detail all of the great volunteer and community service work she has contributed beyond her career. Show the judges through your words what an asset she is to Tallahassee.