Connect For Lunch Offers Unique Setting for Building Business Relationships

The Chamber is probably best known for its big events and large gatherings of business and community leaders, but there is a new, small-group activity that has been creating a buzz lately — in groups of three and four at a time.

The Connect For Lunch program is bringing Chamber members together for lunch at restaurants around town for an hour or so of networking and socializing in a unique, low-pressure environment. The members usually do not know each other and always are from different business categories. It provides a relaxed way to grow a business in a comfortable setting by just getting to know people over a delicious meal.

Here is what a few participants and hosting restaurant owners had to say about Connect For Lunch.

Rosie Cabrera, Owner, Los Amigos and El Mercadito

“Since we started hosting lunches, I noticed a difference right away. The people we are attracting now are a different crowd — in a positive way. They are people who may not have thought to try us before. People tell me their friend did Connect for Lunch and told them to come by and try it. I know it is working.

As a participant in the program, I have had a chance to see what other businesses are doing. People I’ve met are doing my business cards, my marketing and checking on my insurance. It also has been great to see other restaurants and get new ideas.”

Louis Martin, Partner, James Moore & Company

“I love how Connect for Lunch works. I don’t like crowds. I much more enjoy a one-on-one or small group with better conversation — where I don’t feel like I am there to hand out business cards. When I first signed up, I said this was the best thing the Chamber has ever come up with. And for me, it has been.

It also gives me a chance to help people. I have given a lot of free advice, but I have learned a lot, too. It is fun to meet new people — and someday they just may need my services.”

Robyn Evans, Area Manager, Value Place Extended Stay Hotel

Robyn Evans, Area Manager, Value Place Extended Stay Hotel“I have been in the hotel industry for 25 years, but I am new to the area and was looking for a way to meet new people on both a business and social level. Connect For Lunch allowed me to meet people outside the hotel business and find out who’s there and what they’re doing. It also allows me to support other Chamber members.

It is very easy to do – just sign up online, show up at the designated spot, and enjoy great food and conversations with other business people.  It is a great idea.”

Andy Reiss, Owner, Andrew’s Capital Grill & Bar and Andrew’s 228

“I think the concept is cool, plus it keeps dollars in the local economy. For me, it is an opportunity to bring more people in who might come back again. I am pleased that the Chamber is doing this to promote our community and economic development. It is another way to bring people together and help them relate to each other.

Breaking bread with people you do business with has been going on for hundreds of years. You get to know people in a different kind of way when you start talking about sports, kids and business over food. It’s what makes us human. It’s what this program is all about.”

Interested in participating in Connect For Lunch, click HERE for more information.

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