Business Advocacy Committee Alert – April 18, 2016


The City of Tallahassee and Leon County have both recently voted to move forward with consideration of hiring a consultant to study the possibilities of implementing a new mobility fee in the city and county. Each Commission has decided to host the full discussion regarding the hiring of a consultant during their designated budget process in the coming months. The estimated total cost for the study is $325,000 with each the City and the County paying half at $162,500 each. The proposed study would look at the entire county including inside the city limits.

What is a mobility fee? A mobility fee would be designed to replace the current transportation concurrency payment system for new developments. In theory a mobility fee is charged to new development based on their proximity to designated activity centers. The further away from an activity center a development is the more they would pay to offset the costs of increased stress on the transportation system.

Where does the Chamber stand? The Chamber’s Business Advisory Committee is currently evaluating the scope of this proposed study, the concepts of a mobility fee, and weighing the impacts of moving to such a system from our current concurrency fee structure. Neither the Chamber nor the BAC have endorsed the new fee in any way, shape or fashion. However, improving or replacing the existing transportation concurrency system with a system that will be better for our members is a top priority of the BAC. We will be sitting down with City & County staff this week to share our concerns about the mobility fee and will be asking to play a prominent role in shaping the new policy going forward.


The Business Advocacy Committee is interested in your input regarding current growth management and permitting processes currently impacting your business. We invite you to attend a panel on April 29, 7:30am – 9:00am, at the Tallahassee Board of Realtors, focused on community permitting processes, facilitated by Rick Moore, Business Advocacy Chairman.

Growth and business development are key economic drivers for our community. We are interested in hearing your experience and feedback regarding:

  • The Overall Permitting Process
  • Your experience with Planning Staff
  • Your experience with Growth Management Staff
  • Deadlines & Timing
  • Biggest Hurdles to Getting a Project Moving

Click here to register for the Business Advocacy meeting on permitting.