300 East Park Avenue, a weekly email sharing thoughts and considerations from the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Each Friday morning you’ll find a new note in your inbox that will feature reflections on the work being done at the Chamber to grow our community. Look for short messages about important initiatives, pressing matters and the regularly scheduled programs of our organization along with a few quick links for further reading on relevant topics. 300 East Park Avenue is our physical address and the place where business leaders come to meet. This new communication will be a way to open our doors to members each Friday in a digital format.

“Jobs Now”

Leaders from our Chamber of Commerce have been working around the clock to devise solutions to both help businesses hold on to their employees and find people who can fill roles that are needed at this time.

“Stronger Together”

It has long been said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right now, as many companies work remotely and businesses are both closed and restricted from their normal activities, people are longing to get back to normal.

“Our Daily Commitment to You”

One thing that remains clear in our morning video conferences is that your Chamber team has a sense of urgency and a strong motivation to keep our members informed and empowered during these difficult days.

Business Strong

Recognizing the severity of this virus, our leadership and staff are certainly concerned about its impacts on the Chamber and all of our member businesses. We are committed to bringing you the best information possible when it becomes available.

“The Catalyst for Business and Community Growth”

Each month, members of our Grow Business Committee meet to discuss important factors that contribute to the success of our local economy. Issues like workforce development, talent retention, infrastructure and targeted industries are just a few of the topics on the agenda each time.

“It’s a Process”

In our recent member advocacy survey, there was a high level of support for investing dedicated tax dollars in children’s services. As the next step in that process, we are offering members an additional opportunity to learn about the proposed CSC and ask questions of those who are advocating for its passage later this year.

“A Fresh Perspective”

Over 130 Chamber member businesses participate in our Leads Groups. This includes companies that provide nearly every service imaginable. With meeting times that vary throughout the day and locations at venues across the community, there is no shortage of opportunities for Chamber members to find a group that fits their work schedule or company profile.

“The Most for Your Dollar”

Your company or organization may not have a new washing machine component to talk about, but there is always an important message you need to share with clients and customers. In a world where it is increasingly difficult to connect your company to those who need your services, the Chamber remains a valuable way to deliver a memorable message to those who need to hear it.

“Telling a New Story”

Our online home, www.talchamber.com, has long been an important resource for this, but now with a freshly designed front page, our team is excited to bring more updates, news and content to members than ever before. The new talchamber.com was created with three goals in mind; educating our members, advocating for a growing community and celebrating what makes Tallahassee special.

“Something to Brag About”

There is a lot of good happening in Tallahassee these days. Our community is growing and people are starting to take notice. Here at Chamber HQ, we keep a running list of accomplishments and accolades that are a representation of the continued progress being made in our hometown. The best part about that is our list is getting quite long.

“Staying Ahead of the Puck”

The economy is always changing. Day to day, week to week, month to month and year over year, the story of our economic progress is constantly evolving. As each new page turns over, there are new sets of data made available to show us both where we have been and perhaps shine some light on what may happen next.

“Royce Lovett Loves Tallahassee”

Royce Lovett loves Tallahassee. If you don’t know him you should. Lovett is a homegrown musician who has been building an impressive career for himself. Recently, he achieved a few minutes of fame as a finalist on the hit NBC show, The Voice.

“Making a Habit of It”

New Year’s Resolutions don’t usually last so long. Diets, exercise, relationship goals and other sudden changes can quickly fall to the wayside when life starts to get in the way again after the holidays. A better way to make change in your life or career is to try and build good habits. Habits become behavior […]

“It Starts With Us”

Time moves fast. As 2019 yields to 2020, the world seems to be speeding up at an unstoppable pace. Things are changing fast here in Tallahassee too. Think of how far our community has come in the past ten years then imagine where this new decade might take us. There is no way to know how […]

“The Path to Engagement”

The hardest part about community involvement is often knowing where to start.

“The Power of Collective Impact”

Every day is a new opportunity to find inspiration for our community. Our Chamber team is often seen across Tallahassee and Leon County at various events, gatherings, summits and roundtables where speakers tell stories with an intent to inspire. Sometimes the content is moving and sometimes it falls short, but no matter the program there […]

“Shaping the Agenda”

One of the most important roles we assume as staff of the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce is that of advocate. Every day, we serve as advocates on behalf of our members and the broader business community. More times than not, that means representing the interests of business when dealing with local government and other […]

“Knowing How to Grow”

On the campus of Florida State University, there is a building called Dodd Hall. With its beautiful Gothic architecture and tall stained-glass windows, this building that once housed the university library is one of the more recognizable at FSU. Above the main entrance of Dodd Hall is an elegant inscription that reads, “The half of knowledge […]

“The Work We Do Best”

When most folks think about the Chamber, they might first recall our building at 300 East Park Avenue, but we are much more than just a place for the business community to gather. The Chamber is a mindset. It’s a living, breathing network of people who share common interests and similar desires for our community. From our […]

“In With The New”

Like a loaf of bread in your cupboard, every company will eventually go stale. When that happens, there are numerous problems that ensue. Sales decline, revenue plummets, people leave their jobs and customers disappear. It happens every day and often it’s because the flow of ideas has run dry. New ideas are the lifeblood of […]