300 East Park Avenue, a weekly email sharing thoughts and considerations from the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Each Friday morning you’ll find a new note in your inbox that will feature reflections on the work being done at the Chamber to grow our community. Look for short messages about important initiatives, pressing matters and the regularly scheduled programs of our organization along with a few quick links for further reading on relevant topics. 300 East Park Avenue is our physical address and the place where business leaders come to meet. This new communication will be a way to open our doors to members each Friday in a digital format.

“The Tower on the Hill”

Florida’s Capitol building dominates the Tallahassee skyline. At 22 stories, our hilltop Capitol is by far the tallest building in town. Despite its somewhat unpopular architecture, the building is one of the most identifiable images associated with our city. The Capitol is a symbol for many things – power, government and design by committee to […]

“A Trusted Convener”

One of the most important roles the Chamber plays in our community is that of a trusted convener. Those aren’t my words – they come from the many member interviews and focus groups that lead to the development of our current strategic plan. Of all the comments and member feedback we received during that process […]

“The Company We Keep”

Companies are as unique as thumbprints. Every single firm, partnership, corporation or organization that is a member of the Chamber operates a little bit differently. Our Chamber team is incredibly fortunate to be able to observe these realities quite often. Sometimes that happens in a one-on-one meeting with a CEO, other times it is a […]

“Who Thinks of You and Why”

A mentor once told me that the key to finding success was understanding “who thinks of you and why”. I am reminded of this notion almost daily. This week, a reminder came in the form of a gathering held at the Historic Capitol Museum. The event was called “Tallahassee Welcomes U” – a reception organized […]

“What’s in the Bag?”

If you are a regular attendee to the Chamber’s Annual Community Conference there are a few things you have likely come to expect: 1) The hotel room block will sell out within the first quarter of the year, 2) The programs, speakers and sessions will lead you to discover something important happening in our community […]

“The Pencil and the iPad”

Our Chamber team spends a lot of time meeting with leaders across our community each week. Every so often, in those meetings I hear something that stops me in my tracks. Recently, I was having coffee with a local leader who is engaged in fighting poverty in Tallahassee and he told me a story that […]

“Great Cities Need Great CEOs”

The best cities in America don’t get that way overnight. To shape an impressive community requires years of constant advocacy married with a commitment to excellence among both citizens and local leaders. One of the often overlooked qualities of great cities are the CEOs that run companies there. CEOs are at their very nature problem […]