300 East Park Avenue, a weekly email sharing thoughts and considerations from the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce. Each Friday morning you’ll find a new note in your inbox that will feature reflections on the work being done at the Chamber to grow our community. Look for short messages about important initiatives, pressing matters and the regularly scheduled programs of our organization along with a few quick links for further reading on relevant topics. 300 East Park Avenue is our physical address and the place where business leaders come to meet. This new communication will be a way to open our doors to members each Friday in a digital format.

Gain Exposure Through Chamber Sponsorships and Advertising

The time is NOW to take advantage and gain exposure for your business in 2021. The Chamber and its affiliate programs offer numerous opportunities for your business and brand.

Apply for the Leadership Tallahassee Program Director Position!

The Program Director works closely with staff and volunteers to plan and implement programs and initiatives related to the development and nurturing of leaders participating in Leadership Tallahassee and its various programs.

Create Your Employer Profile on TalentHub

For businesses, you can recruit talent, access training tools for your workforce, employer-advised programs, and even participate in upcoming virtual job fairs.

The Journey to Racial Justice

Leadership Tallahassee is pleased to launch the LT 2.0: The Journey to Racial Justice program, chaired by Darby Kerrigan Scott (LT 33) and Malone Smith (LT 35) along with a committee of incredible community leaders.

The Circle of Influence

Through Access Tallahassee, our team works to connect and engage the next generation of local young professionals. As one myself, I know that now is the time we take the reigns in an impactful way.

From Classroom to Career

Talent Pipeline Management puts the employers in the driver’s seat of determining their critical positions and articulating the demand as well as the credentialing requirements for these positions so they may co-create a talent pipeline with our local education and training providers.

Growth is a Good Thing

As family building and room to breathe become more attractive than cramped apartments and long commutes, places like Tallahassee are well-positioned to succeed.

What Keeps Us Going

Each day, with the support of our business members and guidance of volunteer leaders, our team pushes up our sleeves and puts in the time necessary to solving problems, making connections, and driving value.

Workforce Re-Imagined

The entire Talent2030 initiative, including Talent Pipeline Management and TalentHub, was unveiled this week at our annual Talent Forum.

Wishing We Were With You

On Thursday, August 20, we invite you to participate in a virtual event where we will be joined by Florida Chamber President Mark Wilson as our keynote speaker.

Communicating in a Virtual World

There are many uncertainties in our world today, but one thing is for sure, you must keep sharing your story and other important messages with those who want and need to hear them.

Let’s Get Out and Vote

Contained in the local candidate guide are the beliefs, positions, and priorities of those who will appear on both the August primary and November general election ballots.

A Community of Members

What we want our members to know about the current state of the Chamber and its future is this: we want our business community to continue to thrive and will do whatever it takes to ensure that reality.

Choosing Our Leaders

In preparation for this year’s election, our team will be sending out a Local Government Candidate Survey to those who will be appearing on the ballot in races for the Leon County Commission, Tallahassee City Commission, and Leon County School Board.

A Spirit of Cooperation

If approved next Tuesday, the Leon CARES Small Business Assistance program will provide $1,500 to $6,000 grants to approximately 3,100 qualifying small businesses, based on the business’ number of employees, to cover business expenses directly related to COVID-19 including employee wages, vendor bills, rent, utilities, promotion, and employee/ customer safety costs.

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

First, Tallahassee’s needs are substantial – with nearly 20% of our children living below the poverty line there is a growing crisis affecting our most vulnerable residents. This leads to a significant portion of our community facing difficult living conditions and challenged career prospects. We can and must do better.

Where We Go From Here

Unfortunately, our intention to bring people back together for in-person gatherings continues to face delays. With that on our mind each day, we’ve had to further assess how we can best drive value to our members.

“A Small Act of Citizenry”

Here in Tallahassee, as our community is working to put our economy back on track, it is critical that we all do our part to ensure our future is fully funded. In the coming years, the results of this Census will reshape everything from local government elections, state offices, and congressional districts.

Information vs. Insights

Chambers of Commerce are not gatekeepers and we don’t aim to be information peddlers. Instead, our work is intended to create an organization where insights are both gathered and shared with our members every day.

“A Pivotal Moment in the Life of Our Community, State, and Country”

This moment in time in Tallahassee, Florida, and America represents a unique tipping point opportunity. We are called upon now to summon the better angels in all of us as part of a genuine commitment to ferret out institutional racism everywhere it exists – and to move our community, state, and country to the higher ground that truly creates a lasting foundation of equality for all.