Visit Tallahassee

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Believe it or not, there are still 
special places in this world that have remained largely undiscovered by the massesFor a litany of reasons, the things that make Tallahassee so special have also kept this destination flying below the radar. A study in contradiction perhaps, Tallahassee is an emerging metropolitan area in a remote location. It has been suggested that for many years, Tallahassee’s treasures have been hidden in plain sight, remaining undetected until the time was right for them to flourish. That is until recently, when the world began to notice.

With expansive live oak canopies, the world’s largest freshwater spring and the rolling hills of Florida’s highland country, the natural beauty of this region is its greatest resource and chief reason to visit. The Gothic spires, cheering crowds and droves of students across three incredible campuses have long brought people to Tallahassee too. With the Capitol of the Sunshine State soaring high over the skyline, the sights and sounds of the legislative session and the corresponding industries of power have helped spur on a culinary scene that keeps turning heads. With cultural amenities uncommon for a city of its size, Tallahassee is also a place that draws the talents of writers, musicians, artists, performers and filmmakers, not to mention those who want to witness their craft. It has taken nearly 200 years to arrive at this moment, but Tallahassee today is a place deserving of attention and somewhere you should be planning to visit soon.