Leads Group FAQ

What are the benefits of joining a Lead Group?

Leads Group members benefit by exchanging leads and referrals and sharing best business practices. The emphasis is placed on building professional relationships with your fellow members and creating a solid network of referrals/resources for operating your business.

Are there Leads Group Dues?

Each Leads Groups charges minimal quarterly dues to cover the overhead cost of running the meeting, such as room rental, coffee, marketing materials etc.

What should I consider when determining which Leads Group to join?

You can access each of the Leads Group rosters to see which Leads Groups have members in the types of business categories that are likely to refer customers to your industry. Also consider the time and location of the Leads Group meeting and how that works with your schedule.

I am a sole proprietor and have no employees. I may have difficulties attending a weekly meeting, should I still consider joining a Leads Group?

It is recommended you try another Chamber program, such as Connect For Lunch.

How can I garner the full potential of the Leads Group membership?

The Leads Group members that realize the biggest return on the Leads Group Program are those that are actively engaging with their fellow Leads Group members beyond the one hour a week meeting. For example, it is important to meet with your Leads Group members outside of the regular weekly meeting to learn more about how members can assist in referring potential customers, learning more about each other’s business and what a quality referral is for each other.

How do I know which Leads Group to visit?

It is recommended that you only visit those Leads Groups with openings for your type of business or business category. You can visit each Leads Group one time and then you must determine which you would like to join. Before visiting it is best to email the Leads Group Chair letting them know you are interested in visiting and they will confirm the meeting location for the date you plan to visit. Leads Group will occasionally scheduled site tours of their members so it is best to confirm the meeting location with the Leads Group Chairs before visiting.

What determines my business category?

Generally, your business category is the same as the category you are listed under on the membership directory. If the category is too broad the Leads Group Chair and Chamber staff will consult with you to determine if a sub-category is applicable.

Can I represent more than one business category since my business offers a multitude of services?

Since there is so much cross over between business services we ask each Leads Group member to limit themselves to one business category in their designated Leads Group. For example: If are employed by a bank and you offer mortgage services, banking services and credit card processing, you will be asked to represent only one of those categories in the Leads Group depending on which category you prefer and is still available.

What if there is not an opening for my business category in any of the Leads Groups?

The Chamber does have a Leads Group Waiting List and we will notify you as soon as there is an opening for your business category.

How do I become an official member of a Leads Group?

You must be a Chamber member to participate in the Leads Group Program. Each Chamber member business is entitled to one membership in one Leads Group based on the availability of their business category. For example; you may not have more than one employee participating in more that one Leads Group.

At your first visit you will complete Leads Group Guest Form. A Leads Group Chair or presiding officer will be able to confirm whether there is an opening for your business category during that visit. To become an official member of a Leads Group you must attend three consecutive meetings, and on the fourth new members shall serve on a probationary status for a period of three consecutive meetings, after which their retention as a regular Leads Group member shall be subject to the approval of the Leads Group Committee. Upon approval of the Leads Group Committee, the new member will be added to the Leads Group roster.

How many meetings can I miss?

The Leads Group bylaws state that you may miss three meetings within the quarter and upon your fourth absence you are placed on probation. It is highly encouraged that you send a substitute whenever you are unable to attend a Leads Group meeting.

What if I have to miss a meeting? Can I send a substitute?

You are encouraged to send a substitute to represent your business in your absence. Another employee is best, but you may invite a family member or friend. We do ask that your substitute be prepared to give a 30 second introduction about your business and not promote another business that may compete with one of the current Leads Group members.

What if the person who is representing my company in the Leads Group is no longer with my company?

The company is the Leads Group member, so a replacement representative should be sent immediately to maintain attendance requirements.

What if I decide I am unable to maintain the attendance requirements after joining a Leads Group?

It is best to officially resign from a Leads Group as opposed to defaulting based on lack of attendance. This allows you the opportunity to rejoin the Leads Group again in the future. If you default on attendance twice, your company is no longer eligible to rejoin the Leads Group Program.

Can I switch Leads Groups?

The Leads Group bylaws allow for members to switch Leads Groups one time.

How are the Leads Groups Governed?

The Leads Group Program operates under a set of bylaws. The Leads Advisory Council members (LAC) are appointed by the Chamber to assist Chamber staff, govern the Leads Groups, act as support and assist with training and development of the Leads Group program.