Georgia Company Chooses Tallahassee‐Leon County for Expansion Location

The Tallahassee – Leon County Office of Economic Vitality, in collaboration with the Greater Tallahassee
Chamber of Commerce, is pleased to announce that Senior Life Insurance Company has selected
Tallahassee‐Leon County as the location for their first expansion into Florida. The establishment of this
new office creates thirty, full‐time financial services industry jobs and is expected to have a total economic
impact of more than $2.6 million in the Tallahassee Metropolitan Statistical Area.

“Today’s ribbon cutting reflects the hard work of the County, City, and our economic development
partners,” said Leon County Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley, Chairman of the Blueprint
Intergovernmental Agency. “Through carefully thought‐out business recruitment, we are able to expand
our local economy and, very importantly, add to our job market. I am so pleased to welcome Senior Life
Insurance Company to Tallahassee‐Leon County, and we look forward to its future growth.”

“We congratulate Senior Life Insurance Company on their expansion into Florida and welcome them to
the Capital City,” said City Commissioner Curtis Richardson who serves as the Vice Chair of the
Intergovernmental Agency Board of Directors. “With a solid network of business resources and
community support, Tallahassee is a place where they can continue to grow and prosper.”

The expansion of Senior Life Insurance Company into Tallahassee‐Leon County is the result of the ongoing
collaborative business attraction effort between the Office of Economic Vitality (OEV) and key partners:
the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, and CareerSource Capital Region‐ which leveraged
workforce recruitment and training assistance.

“With a highly qualified work force, Tallahassee offered the best market for us to begin our expansion.
We are grateful to the Office of Economic Vitality and the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce for all their
support in facilitating this new venture. We are excited to bring career opportunities to Tallahassee and
look forward to continued growth for the future”, stated Ron Powell, Company President.
“Every job matters. That’s the mentality that we have to have as a community. Today, with Senior Life
Insurance Company opening their new office in Tallahassee, we see a company committed to bringing
new jobs to our community because of the talent we have available to fill them. We are proud to have a
growing company like Senior Life Insurance as a part of our business community,” noted Sue Dick,
President, Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce.