Competitive Advantages

When local residents talk about what makes Tallahassee special, much of it is intangible.  It is a great place to raise a family.  It is a state capital with two major universities that has maintained its small-town, Southern charm.  You live here for a year, and it feels like home.


And while all that is true, it does not tell the whole story.  Tallahassee is a leading-edge, high-tech community pushing the envelope with world-class research, innovative start-ups, and a sophisticated workforce that is flexible and motivated.  There are proven collaborations involving education, government, and private business that regularly turn good ideas into profitable ventures.  Companies are choosing to put their stake in the ground in Tallahassee, Florida, because there is a lot more here than canopy roads.  (Although they are pretty awesome.)

Thriving Business Community

From the world’s leader in energy-efficient HVAC compressors to a regional powerhouse in Laserfiche technology and award-winning custom-apparel suppliers, Tallahassee is home to some economic powerhouses.  But local business of all sizes are esteemed here, as they work together to grow their companies – and a stronger community.

Growing Population

The population of the Tallahassee area is 284,000, a 3.1 percent increase over the last four years, and a more than 20 percent increase since 2000.  With a unique blend of high-quality jobs, business opportunities, and exceptional quality of life, Tallahassee continues to attract residents of all ages.

More Than 70,000 College Students

Tallahassee feeds off the energy and resources generated by the more than 70,000 college students who live here for most of the year.  Students from Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College like to shop, eat, and experience all the community has to offer.  More are also choosing to stay and start their adult lives in Tallahassee, building on an already strong workforce.

Highly Trained Workforce

Tallahassee boasts a highly qualified workforce that takes full advantage of recent university graduates as well as skilled workers completing in-demand training programs.  Collaboration between private business, education, and local government, as well as CareerSource Florida, ensures our workers are ready for the next challenge.

Strong Research and Development

Tallahassee is home to a thriving research community, anchored by world-class facilities located at Innovation Park, including the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and High Performance Materials Institute.  This research is more than theoretical – products are going to market and high-wage jobs are being created every year.

Rail and Air Travel

Easily accessible by interstate, air, or rail, Tallahassee offers unique advantages for those looking to reach the rest of the state, the Southeast US, or even South America.  Just a couple hours from deep sea ports via Interstate 10 and CSX rail, getting products (and people) in and out of Tallahassee is fast and convenient.

Entrepreneurial / Startup Community

Nurturing ideas into companies that create jobs and change the world (even if it’s just a little) is a priority for Tallahassee’s business community.  From business incubators like Domi Station to the Entrepreneurial Excellence Program, which guides start-ups and entrepreneurs through the vulnerable early stages of development, a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is a vital part of our business DNA.

Home to State Government

As the capital of Florida, Tallahassee is the seat of state government.  Our community benefits not only from the thousands of jobs it creates, but the annual three-month legislative session, supporting industries, national attention and an economic stability that keeps consumer dollars moving through all seasons.