Online Training Courses

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A to Z Grant Writing

If you are seeking to learn the essentials in writing or acquiring grants for private, public or government use, this course is a perfect fit.  Learn how to develop successful and fundable grants by focusing on the skills needed to prepare professional, competitive, compelling and successful grant proposals.

  • Develop successful and fundable grants
  • Focus on the skills needed to prepare professional, competitive grant proposals

Accounting Fundamentals

Gain a marketable new skill by learning the basics of double-entry bookkeeping, financial reporting and more.

  • Identify the basics of double-entry bookkeeping
  • Analyze and record financial transactions, as well as design various financial reports at the end of the fiscal period
  • Design accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll procedures, sales taxes, and various common banking activities

Creating a Successful Business Plan

Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success.

  • Develop components of writing a business plan and emerge with your first draft in hand
  • Analyze situational factors within the organization, within the industry, and in the external environment
  • Revised and updated information on interest rates, credit availability and the overall financial environment.

Creating Web Pages

Learn the basics of HTML so you can design, create and post your very own site on the Web.

Fundamentals of Supervision and Management

Learn the people skills required to motivate and delegate, and receive tools for solving problems and resolving conflicts.

  • Develop four basic management functions: planning, organizing, communicating, monitoring
  • Identify communication skills to be effectively communication with employees
  • Analyze and understand the management skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

Intro to Access

Learn how Microsoft’s powerful database can help you store and manage information you’ve collected about your business, home or community.

Intro to Excel

Work with numbers? You need to know Excel.

  • Identify different ways on sorting and analyzing data, designing custom charts and graphs
  • Creating three-dimensional workbooks, building links between files, endowing worksheets with decision-making capabilities
  • Automate frequently-repeated tasks with macros and buttons.

Intro to Word

Learn how to create and modify documents with the world’s most popular word processor.

Keys to Effective Communication

Lost for words? Don’t be! Learn to build rapport, trust, warmth and respect through conversation.

Leadership Skills

Gain the respect and admiration of others, exert more control over your destiny, and enjoy success in your professional and personal life.

  • Develop two important aspects of leadership: Its relationship with principles and its relationship with emotional intelligence
  • Identify personality type assessments and behavioral assessments
  • Improve your communication skills by analyzing the different methods of communications in the workplace.

Marketing Your Business on the Internet

E-commerce expert helps you develop an Internet marketing plan for your business.

Nonprofit Management

Learn the basics of fundraising for nonprofit organizations, from annual and special fund drives to more advanced projects involving corporate and foundation relations, major gifts and planned giving. Develop the skills and strategies needed to become an integral part of one of America’s fastest growing service sectors.

  • Create strategies that will take your organization to new heights of prosperity and productivity
  • Plan special event and meeting management, public relations strategies
  • Find a position in this fascinating and rewarding field of work

Project Management Fundamentals

Gain the skills you’ll need to succeed in the fast-growing field of project management.

  • Identify project politics and ethics, project measurements, and project closure
  • Develop all sections of a project plan
  • Develop a variety of powerful techniques to generate project ideas.

Purchasing Fundamentals

Discover and master the fundamentals of purchasing by understanding your strategic and tactical roles as a purchasing practitioner.

  • Define internal customer needs, generate purchase requisitions and purchase orders, expedite, trace and receive supplier deliveries, maintain effective purchasing records, and create and manage various purchasing budgets
  • Apply business law, contracts, leasing, Six Sigma and total quality management (TQM)
  • Recruit, select and evaluate purchasing personnel, and learn the importance of business ethics.