United Solutions Company gathers The Credit Union Rescue Team

January, 2019 – TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – United Solutions Company (USC) is committed to helping credit unions become stronger, more efficient, and profitable. The Credit Union Rescue Team was created based on the philosophy of credit unions helping credit unions.

The Credit Union Rescue Team is composed of voluntary advisors in the credit union industry with varying degrees of experience. Volunteering your time is easy! Simply fill out a volunteer form at the bottom of www.creditunionrescueteam.com. Completing this form confirms potential advisors have agreed to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour per week for a ten-week period. During this time, the advisor will attempt to assist credit unions requesting guidance improve in the area of their expertise. Topics could include, investments to providing ideas to increase memberships, or helping generate new loans.

Credit unions seeking help would anonymously fill out a form on the www.creditunionrescueteam.com website. The form is sent to the CU Rescue Team administration at United Solutions Company. The administration will pair credit unions and advisors accordingly, generate a financial analysis of the credit union for the advisor, and establish a kick off call for all parties. A credit union will only be assigned one advisor for a ten-week period. After the initial call, it will be up to the advisor and the credit union to schedule weekly meetings. During these meetings the advisor and the credit union will set goals, discuss procedures, and provide advice on all areas of the credit union.
If during the ten-week period, either the advisor or the credit union is not receiving the experienced they had hoped for, the CU Rescue Team administration will try to resolve any issues.
At the end of the ten-weeks, the credit union and advisor may choose to continue to work together. The credit union would be eligible to sign up for additional advisors on the rescue team website as well.
Participating in the Credit Union Rescue Team would be a great way for experienced credit union personnel to donate time. You may find you get as much as you give as a credit union advisor!