The Community Scorecard

On a monthly basis, the Chamber will update the metrics within the community scorecard. Data sets for Jobs, Unemployment, Crime, and MWSBE certifications are updated monthly and quarterly. Kindergarten readiness, 3rd Grade Reading Scores, High School Graduation Rates, Post-Secondary Attainment Rates, Poverty Rates, and GDP are updated annually.


  • The unemployment rate in the Tallahassee MSA was 5.4% in June 2021
  • Although the unemployment rate is up nearly a percent since last month, it is 2.7% lower than the region’s year-ago rate of 8.1%. The region’s June 2021 unemployment rate was 0.3% lower than the state rate of 5.7%
  • The labor force was 193,589, up 16,362 (+9.2%) over the year. There were 10,393 unemployed residents in the region
  • In June 2021 nonagricultural employment in the Tallahassee MSA was 178,200, an increase of 6,700 jobs (+3.9%) over the year.
  • The leisure and hospitality (+22.1%); professional and business services (+8.7%); education and health services (+5.0%); and manufacturing (+2.9%) industries grew faster in the metro area than statewide over the year
  • The Tallahassee MSA had the third-fastest annual job growth rate compared to all the metro areas in the state in leisure and hospitality (+22.1%) in June 2021



Kindergarten Readiness: 2024 – 75% 2030 – 100%
Third Grade Reading Scores: 2024 – 80% 2030 – 100%
Poverty Rate: 2024 – 15% 2030 – Under 10%
Crime Rates to Rank as the Lowest Ten in Florida

To view the complete jobs information in the Tallahassee MSA including sectors, month-over-month, and year-over-year data, download the JULY DATA SHEET.

To compare similar Metropolitan Statistical Areas within Florida download additional data sheets HERE.

Download the July 2021 Community Scorecard.