Talent & Workforce


Tallahassee is one of the nation’s most educated workforces with nearly half of all residents having a bachelor’s degree or a higher level of educational attainment.

With two major universities and one of the state’s largest community colleges, we have a major pipeline for educating and training our workforce to meet businesses’ needs.

Our job at the Chamber is to connect companies to this talent through innovative programs and to help potential employees discover our region’s great job opportunities.

The Talent Action Plan includes:   

  • Connecting companies to quality employees through expansion of the Tally Job Hop, which introduces top university students to employers
  • Growing the Chamber’s program for young professionals, Access Tallahassee.
  • Enhancing the perception of Tallahassee as a career destination through the Talent Lives Here marketing campaign
  • Linking the business community with our local K-12 school system through the World Class Schools program


A well-trained workforce is an essential component of long-term business success.  Through the Chamber and its partners, area employers have access to resources for supplying highly trained workers for existing needs and customizing training for whatever the future holds.  Partnering with Tallahassee Community College through its Workforce Development program and the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center, as well as the comprehensive workforce services available from CareerSource Capital Region, the Chamber serves as a conduit for a wide array of training options for businesses of all sizes.

To help offset the cost of training or even eliminate training costs all together, the Chamber provides easy access to several funding sources.  The Quick Response Training Program offers funding for customized training for new, existing or expanding Florida businesses.  Funding through the Incumbent Worker Training Program helps ensure currently employed workers maintain their competitive edge and remain valuable to their employer.