LPN, Tapestry Senior Living Lakeshore

This position will ensure that the health and safety of all Residents are met. The LPN will assist the Director of Resident Services with planning, coordinating, and managing the Assisted Living Services and act within the Tapestry Senior Living’s Policies and Procedures. The LPN is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and monitoring of assisted living service delivery under the direction of the Director of Resident Services.

Job Function: Work within program guidelines including completing essential paperwork and complying with state regulations.
• Works to assure facility is in compliance with federal state and local standards and regulations. Is available for license surveys.
• Maintains an up-to-date knowledge of current trends of Assisted Living.
• Works to maintain privacy and confidentiality of Resident, Resident’s records and Resident living environments.
• Is willing to carry a cell phone and be available for staffing and notifications.
• Communicates and documents Resident data to staff as needed.
• Assures Residents maintain residency requirements, monitors and recommend alternative placement if necessary.
• Reviews Resident service agreements with Director of Resident Services, as needed.
• Monitors and maintains Resident charts and nursing notes.
• Communicates to physicians any changes in Resident’s needs or conditions, as needed.
• Monitors and follows thru with ordering medications and all medication renewals as well as any necessary follow-up with physicians regarding medications.
• Fills weekly pillboxes for medication administration by unlicensed staff and checks new medications from the pharmacy.
• Communicates in staff communication book any information that staff needs to be aware of.
• Assists with compliance in meeting regulations and is available for state licensure surveys.

Job Function: Provide support and address needs for programs and services.
• Maintain Resident files and appropriate documents as required.
• Monitors Residents on an ongoing basis to assure their needs can be met.
• Assures Residents continue to live safely in their apartments, monitors and recommends alternative care and services, if necessary.
• Inform personnel of changes in Resident’s needs and conditions.
• Maintains communication with Residents, families, and other staff.
• Responds to Resident concerns or complaints.

Job Function: Participate and function effectively as a team member.
• Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with staff of Tapestry Senior Living, including providing backup to other staff as needed.
• Articulate information regarding Residents to the team.
• Provide proactive, constructive participation in staff meetings, committees, etc.
• Assists other departments with special events and family functions.
• Be compassionate and work with tact and ethical awareness.
• Be flexible and adaptable to changing situations.
• Responds appropriately to safety hazards, fire drills and other emergency situations.
• Reports injuries for self, staff, Residents or visitors immediately to Director of Resident Services.
• Keeps Director of Resident Services informed and involved and advised of needs and problems.

Job Function: Other duties as assigned.
• Support the mission and values of Tapestry Senior Living.

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