“My 20 year involvement in the Chamber has reaped numerous benefits--from securing new clients to advocacy on issues important to our community”

Karen Moore
Moore Consulting Group

“Networking at Chamber events, in addition to feedback from the JMI consultation has really given me a much better feel for the Tallahassee market, and has helped me focus the pathways towards growing my business locally.”

Robert Drach
Drach Market Research Advisors

“As a Tallahassee Chamber member and a Leads 7 member, I have had the opportunity to effectively spread the word about my medical practice through relationship building primarily and educating about our new medical practice. The Chamber has been extremely beneficial and supportive to the success of our business. I heartily encourage any business owner or business person to utilize all that the Chamber offers to grow their business!”

Patrice Bullock
New Genesis Center

“The Chamber has been most helpful in assisting me with continuing education with online classes at TCC. As marketing and social networking continue to be a key component of acquiring our clients, and constantly evolving, the free classes help to keep me abreast of new and developing applications and techniques for business.”

Lyn Blaise
Access Florida Finance Corporation

“Networking through the Chamber means no cold calls. Nearly every call I make is someone who knows me or knows one of my fellow Chamber members. It's a great start to any conversation and a great connection to make when you do business with a fellow member.”

Jonathan Lee Lyons
Lyons Digital Media

“The Chamber has provided a structured platform that allows me to establish long term relationships with people within our community. These relationships have developed into strategic partnerships, professional growth and personal friendships and have allowed me to create an amazing support system that fosters support and positivity in times of adversity and celebration in times of greatness!”

Audrey Copeland
Hatch & Fly

“Participating in Chamber events assist us in developing relationships with other valuable local businesses and helps direct us in learning how to support the local economy. The Chamber events gives us opportunities to network and keep our local business name amongst others in the community in a way that no other marketing opportunities do.”

Karen Frost
Capital Health Plan

“The leads groups are one of the best investments I made in our business, we have over 100 clients that can be tracked back to that group in direct or indirect referrals.”

Matt Miley
PayOut USA Inc

“Benefits have been less about our bottom line and more about improving our employees and overall business. Access to informative workshops has helped our staff build skills in many areas. Networking has provided us with valuable resources we tap into for a variety of services and products.”

Debra Taylor
Notary Public Underwriters, Inc.

“I've been a member of the Chamber for over 25 years and it has been a major factor in our firm's success over the past quarter century. The Chamber consistently provides solid networking opportunities, enhances our knowledge base (both for successful business strategies and on community issues) and provides increased opportunities for business development. Chamber membership is an important arrow in every businesses' quiver.”

Rick Oppenheim
RB Oppenheim Associates

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