CEO Spotlight – Ed Mansouri, WeatherSTEM

“The goal for WeatherSTEM is to promote awareness and understanding among people about the impact of weather on their daily lives and to advance meteorological education,” said Mansouri.

Meteorology has been a lifelong passion for Ed who has wanted to be a Meteorologist since the age of 6. Ed graduated from Penn State University with a major course of study in both engineering and meteorology. He successfully completed his Master’s degree in meteorology at Florida State University.

In 2015, Ed launched WeatherSTEM, the company behind OrangeSTEM as his heart was pulling him strongly toward a career in Meteorology. Weather data-gathering units installed all over the state inform the WeatherSTEM website and mobile application to provide a plethora of real-time, measurements including lightning, temperature, and humidity.

He originally created the WeatherSTEM platform to infuse K-12 STEM curriculum with live data. Believing that an educated public is a safer public, he quickly incorporated the use of lightning detection and corresponding alert notifications at all WeatherSTEM installations. His vision and generosity translated to donating and installing a WeatherSTEM unit in at least one school in each of Florida’s 67 counties, as requests from other schools, emergency operations centers, farms and universities keep rolling in.

His newest program, the OrangeSTEM, is a weather network made just for Florida. On the OrangeSTEM platform, not only are current weather conditions available, but archived conditions, radar and satellite, upcoming forecasts, and lifestyle forecasts for things such as driving conditions, watering needs and frizzy hair. With this years hurricane season approaching quickly OrangeSTEM will be focusing on helping Floridians before, during, and after the storms in the form of preparation, peak impact times, minute by minute updated readings, hurricane hotlines, and education.

Ed has received several awards both personally and professionally including FSU’s Office of Research Community Partner of the Year and the Innovation Award at the Governor’s Hurricane Conference.

He also serves on the board for FSU’s Coastal and Marine Laboratory and is involved in FSU’s Autism Navigator project.

With his busy schedule, he always makes sure that his number one priority is at home. Ed is a proud father of three children. He enjoys spending time with his children and his fiancé, playing the piano and guitar, and enjoying Florida’s beautiful weather.

WeatherSTEM welcomes you to see this platform for yourself by visiting the OrangeSTEM website at