Director of Patient Financial Services, Apalachee Center

-Highly responsible work in coordinating the activities of the Outpatient and Inpatient Billing Departments.

-Supervises the hiring and training of assigned staff in the above positions. Conducts or assures completion of formal performance evaluation and feedback process for staff. Organizes work for effective and economical use of time, personnel and materials. Provides leadership and motivation to program staff to ensure a high quality of care and adherence of Agency standards.

-Provides new employee orientation and on-the-job training for all new staff in accordance with established orientation program plans. Conducts or arranges for training and continuing education for all staff regarding procedures, standards, etc. to ensure unit staff remains informed of Agency, unit and community standards.

-Directs/monitors Outpatient and Inpatient Billings staff and Data Processing staff in all aspects of their duties including, but not limited to, insurance verification, insurance claims submission, denials management, payment application and first party charges and adjustments. Assists with all billing errors and issues encountered.

-Provides training and support to Access Department staff to ensure unit staff remain informed of all policies and procedures related to the precertification process for inpatient admissions and assists program supervisors, directors, and mangers with generation, use and interpretation of ERS reports and clarifying policies and procedures related to client billing. Assists all department staff with problem accounts, data errors or other technical issues encountered in day to day operations. Provides support to all programs for billings, data entry, fee assessment and collection issues/problems.

-Coordinates monthly processing and closing of data for State contract reporting/outcome measures and billing. Reviews and edits TANF outreach contacts submitted by programs. Generates TANF invoices and submits to Chief Financial Officer. Generates and submits contract invoices as assigned.

-Reports aged accounts receivable to the Chief Financial Officer monthly. Works to ensure accounts receivable stay within acceptable standards. Reviews second and third party contractual issues with Chief Financial Officer.

-Applies for and maintains provider numbers for medical staff and targeted case management supervisors as required by third party payers.

-Performs edits to ensure inpatient data is accurate and submits quarterly Inpatient Discharge Data to the Agency for Health Care Administration.

-Oversees and monitors the Inpatient Financial Assistance Program and reports to Chief Financial Officer any compliance issues. Serves as primary contact for patient/client billing questions and issues. Notifies Chief Financial Officer of problems with inpatient admissions which could result in financial losses.

-Maintains Service Activity Master.

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Close Date: 6/21/19