Change by Design Again Working with Texas to Create Visually Stunning ELearning

Change by Design is happy to announce– in collaboration with its partner ISF – that it has begun another project for a TX state organization to build ten different eLearning modules about different types of mental health issues, such as substance abuse, depression, and PTSD. The target audiences is anyone in the state of Texas who needs to know something about mental health issues, such as law enforcement, medical doctors and nurses, and even family members of persons with mental health issues. The reach for each of these eLearning modules is typically about 30,000 learners per year.

To develop empathy and appreciation for these mental health issues. CBD is developing an immersive experience through a tailored ‘look and feel’ for the modules, as well as deftly- written and narrated material that draws learners into the content. The goal for anyone going through these modules is not only education, but empathy as well.

“We very much appreciate our ongoing relationship with ISF, who enables us to expand our reach into Texas and provide learning material to people who want what we have: effective learning done right the first time,” said President Dr. Sue Ebbers. “We are proud of our instructional designers who make sure that they know and deliver exactly what the client wants as the end result of the eLearning, and an art department that collaborates with our designers to create stunning, impactful visuals that deliver the feeling of the content.

The project, which began in late January, is slated to continue through the end of September.

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