CEO Spotlight – Tom Harrison, TPCA

Tom Harrison started as the Chief Financial Officer of Tallahassee Primary Care Associates (TPCA) in 1998 and was named as the practice’s CEO less than a year later. His decades-long tenure with TPCA has allowed him to be a part of shaping the way healthcare is done in Florida’s capital city. With more than 50 providers at locations throughout Tallahassee, TPCA’s impact on health and healthcare in our community is significant.

After graduating from Leon High School and then Florida State University, Tom pursued a career in accounting in Tampa. However, family and the desire to make a difference in his community called him back to Tallahassee. “Tallahassee is truly a connected community,” Harrison said. “People are here because they want to be here, and we have long-term relationships with each other because of that.” Harrison believes that it is these relationships that set Tallahassee apart, especially as they relate to healthcare.

TPCA was recently recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) because of their commitment to a positive patient experience. For TPCA patients, this means healthcare is convenient; providers offer same-day appointments, and patients can access medical records and request appointments 24 hours a day through TPCA’s FollowMyHealth portal. But for Harrison, being patient-centered means that everything the organization does is centered on streamlining the patient experience. He regularly hosts meetings with other healthcare organizations in the community to talk about how to solve problems patients face. “I can’t imagine going through the growing pains of the changes in healthcare in a community other than Tallahassee,” he said. “Here, we have common goals, and we know each other. When we sit down together, it’s to work on problems as allies, not as competitors.”

Healthcare has changed dramatically since Tom started with TPCA 19 years ago, and he knows the landscape will continue to evolve. Yet he is excited to be at TPCA as he believes primary care is at the epicenter of the change. For him, the patient-centered approach means that his team will be there with their patients, helping to guide the community he loves through the change.

Tom is happily married to his wife of 17 years, Samantha Harrison, and is the proud father of daughter, Alexandra Harrison, 14, and son, Logan Harrison, 8.