CEO Spotlight – Powell Jones, Secure Records Solutions

Powell Jones founded Secure Records Solutions in 2003 at the same time he founded a similar business in upstate South Carolina. As organizations began to focus on digitizing their office processes, Powell saw a need for compliance experts to solve document management, shredding, and scanning problems in Florida’s capital city. A lot has changed since 2003. Powell’s son Christopher has joined him as a partner in the business, and they have grown their offerings to serve clients in 48 states. The company’s shredding division has become the largest independent shredding and recycling provider in the region.

After graduating from Thomasville High School and then Washington & Lee University, Powell pursued a career in the family wholesale food business founded by his grandfather, W.J. Powell. After the sale of that business and several years of executive leadership in several important community non-profit initiatives, Powell recognized a clear need for local compliance experts focused on solving business problems like electronic document management, records storage, document scanning, and shredding.

The Secure Records Solutions team have been recognized as mavericks in the Records and Information Management (RIM) industry, where Powell and other key SRS staff have held leadership positions in the international industry association, PRISM. For SRS clients, this means they are getting innovative solutions developed by experts in the field with access to the best resources in the world. But for Powell, being on the cutting edge means helping clients make smart business decisions that solve the problem at minimal expense. He regularly consults for businesses that are considering an expensive document management software transition where the client can benefit from the hundreds of transitions the company has participated in. “I can’t imagine going through that transition without getting good advice on the front end,” he says. “We’ve built our reputation on providing insights that show up on our clients’ bottom line.”

The RIM Industry has changed dramatically since Powell founded SRS 15 years ago, and he knows the landscape will continue to evolve. Yet he is excited to be on the cutting edge of this transition as SRS helps its clients think through the ways they will use information technology to reduce their expenses and compliance risk. The legacy of Powell’s company is defined by its Core Values. Most notably, the company’s dedication to solving client problems, making a difference in the lives of others – especially SRS employees and the communities they live in, consciousness of the environmental impact of the business, and a workplace defined by Christian principles.

Powell is happily married to his wife of 31 years, Caren Jones, and is the proud father of son, Christopher (29), daughter, Mallory (26), son, Madison (22), and son, Marshall (18).