CEO Spotlight – Michelle Ubben, Sachs Media Group

Whoever said “one person can’t do it all” never met Michelle Ubben. Successful business executive. Incomparable communications expert. Dedicated community volunteer. Exceptional wife and mother. Decision-maker. Mentor. Leader.

As president and partner at Sachs Media Group, Ubben guides both the day-to-day and long-term activities of Florida’s leading independent communications firm. She and founder & CEO Ron Sachs have positioned the firm to be regularly ranked as one of the top 100 independent public relations firms in the nation and among the top PR/public affairs firms in Florida. It has earned countless accolades at the local, state, and national levels, including its industry’s top statewide honor on two separate occasions.

It isn’t just the firm’s success that attracts the best people to work there. It’s also the work environment – simultaneously challenging, stimulating, family-oriented, and fun. That culture flows from the top, and it’s a direct reflection of what Michelle Ubben is all about.

This accomplished professional has more than 30 years of senior-level strategic communications experience, at Sachs Media Group and in government. Before joining Sachs 20 years ago, she served as communications director for five government agencies and a U.S. Senate campaign, worked as a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, and taught speechwriting at Florida State University.

The trophies that line her office wall bear witness to her expertise in strategic messaging and promoting behavior change: two Emmy Awards, a national Gracie Award, a Dick Pope All Florida Golden Image Award for best PR campaign of the year, and recognition as a Top Woman in PR in 2015 by PR News.

If Michelle Ubben’s accomplishments were solely within her career, she would still deserve all manner of recognition. Yet she does, and IS, so much more, and what she does outside of work is equally worthy of notice and recognition.

She is an enthusiastic participant in the life of the Tallahassee community, with involvement ranging from Chamber events to the Leon High School Foundation to serving on the Women United Steering Committee for the United Way of the Big Bend. She reads to school children, and counsels nonprofits. An active member of St. Peter’s Anglican Church, she often discovers approaches to challenges there that she is then able to apply to issues facing her at work.

Despite this seemingly non-stop schedule, she always makes sure her home life is priority number one. She and husband, Matt, deftly handle the needs of their six children and Michelle’s 97-year-old mother, who lives with them.

With most of the kids in college or on their own, you’d think the schedule would slow down. In Ubben’s case, it simply offers more opportunity for her creative side to flourish – sometimes in her quest to improve her budding musical abilities; at others in her pursuit of the perfect speech for a client.

Michelle Ubben is the consummate professional, a life-changing mentor, and an unequaled friend. She clearly represents the pinnacle of what a professional, and a person, aspires to be.