CEO Spotlight – Lance Davis, Engaged Academics

Engage. Inspire. Prepare. You will hear these words often from Lance A. Davis, the founder of Engaged Academics.

Lance moved to Tallahassee in 2011 so that his wife could finish medical school and complete her residency at TMH. Before 2011, Lance spent over a decade working as an electrician and electrical contractor in Georgia. During this decade and a half of hiring and managing employees, he began to see a pattern of missing skills-skills which were not being taught in the classroom. Ultimately, this is what led him to the school and beyond.

As a lifelong learner and someone who has always been passionate about learning, Lance decided to make a career change to seek more fulfillment and contribute to the success of others. “I needed to know I was doing something positive and influential in my life”, he says. As Lance worked and attended classes full-time, he discovered the joy of being an educator.

He served as President of the Thomas University Honor Council, and he graduated from Thomas University cum laude and with the President’s Award for Outstanding Graduates. After completing his degree and teaching in the classroom, Lance enrolled at Florida State University to obtain his Master’s degree, finishing the program with a 3.95 GPA. He has spent the past five years teaching students in the classroom and is now on a journey to help the students become better learners through his mentorship program called Engaged Academics.

Engaged Academics’ mission is “to engage​ students where they are today, inspire​ them to be better than yesterday, and prepare​ them to be their best for tomorrow”, generating a purpose to help students become more successful and confident learners.

While Engaged Academics does tutor students to address deficiencies or accelerate their current understanding, the primary focus is helping students with executive functions and self-regulation. It is these skills that matter most in education, career, and life.

At Engaged Academics, they believe that all students possess unique gifts and hold tremendous potential. Their goal is to help each student see these gifts and talents within themselves. Before students are accepted into the Engaged Academics’ program, Lance meets with each family to discuss the child’s specific needs and goals. During this time, targeted questions are asked to gather an understanding of how the student perceives themselves as a learner and individual. An inventory of the child’s executive functions is also taken to identify areas of strength and struggle. This information is then used to pair the child with the mentor/tutor that identifies best with their specific need.

Lance lives in Tallahassee, FL with his wife, Amanda, and sons, Jackson and Grant. During his spare time, he focuses on being present in the moment, enjoying his family, and challenging himself with new endeavors. Currently, he is learning to play the piano along with his five-year-old son, and writing a children’s book series about blue-collar American jobs.

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