CEO Spotlight – Bill Moore, Tallahassee State Bank, a division of Synovus Bank

“I love seeing businesses grow and succeed. Our team gets no greater satisfaction than seeing customers grow their business to the next level,” said Bill Moore, market president for Tallahassee State Bank, a division of Synovus Bank. Bill started his financial career as an investment advisor before discovering a passion for commercial lending. “There’s something special about working side-by-side with a business owner or CFO as they plan for growth and expansion; it’s a unique relationship that not only achieves success for the business, but also for the Tallahassee community.”

Bill brings nearly 25 years of banking experience to his role as Market President, where he is responsible for overseeing lending and other financial services for business clients throughout Tallahassee. Bill’s favorite pastimes are golf and helping coach youth baseball teams. He is also actively involved in numerous non-profit organizations in the greater Tallahassee community.

Tallahassee State Bank is a division of Synovus Bank, which provides commercial and retail banking, investment, and mortgage services to customers in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee. In July, Synovus was named “Most Reputable Bank” in the U.S. in the annual Survey of Bank Reputations conducted by Reputation Institute and published by American Banker. Of 42 banks included in the survey, Synovus ranked first overall, first among non-customers and in the top ten among customers. Synovus ranked second overall in 2016.

“We are incredibly proud to have been recognized as the nation’s most reputable bank,” Moore said. “But I always like to remind team members that numbers and awards are not the goal. They are, instead, the result of the goal, which is to engage with people, understand their purpose, and provide support for this wonderful community.”

In 2018 Tallahassee State Bank’s green signs will begin to be transition to the Synovus brand and glow red. “Tallahassee State Bank has been part of Synovus for nearly 30 years, so the new name — if you want to call it new — won’t change who we are.  Leveraging a common brand while maintaining our local, relationship-centered delivery model will further boost Synovus brand awareness and enhance our ability to promote our broader banking capabilities to prospects and existing customers. We offer a broad range of capabilities along with our personal approach to banking, but many of our own customers and prospects don’t realize we are located across the Southeast, and that we can meet any banking or investment need — no matter the size or complexity.”

Synovus has 4 branches in Tallahassee to serve you. For more information on Synovus, visit