Capstone Center Now Offers RTM Therapy as Treatment for PTSD

Capstone Center is pleased to announce that it is now offering Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) as a certified alternative therapy in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

What is RTM?

RTM is a non-traumatizing, drug-free, reimaging neurological protocol that can permanently remove nightmares, flashbacks, and the directly related emotional problems of post-traumatic stress.

What are the RTM sessions like and how long do they take?

RTM protocol is brief, requiring 3-4 individual therapy sessions of 90 minutes each.
The client sits in a comfortable chair and projects imaginary pictures onto an imagined movie screen using specific, systemic steps. The steps are designed to separate traumatic memories from traumatic feelings. RTM opens a window into the memory and changes certain structural/perceptual features of the memory including color, size, distance, speed, direction, and other dimensions. This interrupts the fight-flight-freeze response and reduces traumatic intrusion.

What is the desired outcome of RTM Therapy?

After the RTM Protocol, the client can remember past traumatic events with no traumatic feelings. After reconsolidation, a traumatic memory is a memory without fear, terror, and helplessness attached. It may be sad, but is no longer terrorizing when a memory is triggered.

To learn more, please contact Capstone Center at: 850.219.8985