Business Environment

The world needs to know that Tallahassee is a great place for business.

We are dedicated to creating an environment that makes it easy for businesses to flourish. We also want to tell the success stories of our local companies.

In 2016, Tallahassee/Leon County became the first community in Florida to repeal local business license taxes at the Chamber’s request. That’s just one example of how we’re looking out for our members’ interests.

With your help, we can put Tallahassee on track to become “Florida’s most friendly city for business.” We will enhance the business environment by:

  • Working with partners to create a climate that supports business growth
  • Celebrating and sharing success stories through an enhanced Made in TLH marketing campaign
  • Disseminating information about the impact businesses have on our local economy
  • Identifying and reporting metrics that track Tallahassee’s track record on supporting business
  • Driving social media engagement with members and the community at large


  • Top Ten College Town by Livabillity
  • Top Ten Metro City for Start Up Growth by FiveThirtyEight
  • Top 50 City for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Top 15 Most Educated City in US, #1 in Florida by WalletHub
  • $1 billion and growing in total research dollars from our higher education institutions
  • 5% of residents over 25 years of age hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher from the US Census Bureau