Affordable Housing

Like many communities across the country, Tallahassee is in the midst of a housing crisis.  Not only is the lack of affordable housing impacting under-resourced families across the city but having a sufficient stock of housing that is affordable across all income levels is an integral part of community revitalization, economic development, and growth. 

Solutions to address housing affordability may look different for different communities.  For some communities, down payment assistance, credit repair, and financial literacy programs may increase homeownership, while local government policies to encourage affordable housing development may also be needed to improve access to affordable, high-quality rental units. 

From ending homelessness to finding sustainable housing, investing in affordable housing has a multitude of benefits including economic stimulation, boosting health and safety, and enhancing educational opportunities. It is with this in mind that our Affordable Housing Work Group recommends the following for our community:

  • Coordinate and Streamline Government Resources
  • Expand Community Land Trust
  • Expand Individual Financial Empowerment & Equity in Practice
  • Increase Resources to House Homeless
  • Reimagine Housing Leadership Council
  • Support Local Innovations in Affordable Housing