WFSU & Mag Lab – SciGirls Camp

WFSU and the National High Magnetic Field Lab will host the 20132 SciGirls summer camps during the month of July, for two weeks, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

SciGirls summer camps provide a wide variety of hands-on, authentic science experiences for girls entering 6th to 10th grades.

SciGirls is divided into two camps. SciGirls 1 engages participants in science projects and experiments that have real world significance exploring the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, forensic anthropology, and meteorology. SciGirls 2 includes returning campers and offers a more advanced understanding of the process of science with strategies to synthesize scientific knowledge.

Campers visit area sites and are led in hands-on investigations related to field experiences. Previous sites visited: National High Magnetic Field Lab, WFSU-TV, Wakulla Springs State Park, Local construction sites, FSU Antarctic Core Lab, Seacrest Wolf Preserve, FSU Marine Lab and Leon Sinks Geological Area.

SciGirls is supported by: WFSU, PBS&J, NSF and National High Magnetic Field Lab