Southeastern Center for Infectious Diseases Wraps Up 10 Days of Giving

Southeastern Center for Infectious Diseases (SCID) was proud to give back to the community who has given us so much. SCID celebrated their 10 years in business milestone (September 3rd) by giving 10 lucky organizations a donation: American Red Cross, Capital Medical Society Foundation, Susan G. Komen Foundation, TMH Foundation, Big Bend Cares, Second Harvest of the Big Bend, Run for Lawson, Refuge House and the Hang Tough Foundation. And number 10 was the SCID staff-they all received a generous Christmas bonus for all their hard work in the success of these past 10 years.


SCID started out with one provider and a very small office. Today we have three providers, a staff of 10 and a much larger office. “We are so grateful to Tallahassee for their on-going support of our clinic and of our staff,” says Dr. Philbert Ford, managing partner and founder of SCID. We asked our staff what was important to them and they selected these charities. Hopefully these end of year charitable gifts will help them in their important missions for the work they do in our communities. “We are looking forward to what the next 10 years has in store for us. Thank you Tallahassee,” says Patricia Ballantine, Practice Manager.


Southeaster Center for Infectious Diseases is a referral/consult practice seeing patients in the clinic and hospitals, provide extended IV antibiotic treatment, HIV management, PICC line placement, telehealth and travel medicine. Visit our website at and follow us on social media.