PATLive Introduces Customer Forum

PATLive, a provider of automated and live phone call management services, announces the release of its Customer Forum. This new forum allows clients the ability to interact about all PATLive services. Our clients will be able to share tips and tricks, ask our experts advice on features, get company news, and so much more. “We really want to provide the service that our customers want. The customer forum just provides us with another opportunity to hear from our customers about which features they like, and which need improvement. This will allow us to continue to grow and develop services that fit our customers’ needs,” comments David Mason, Training Manager.

“PATLive has a renewed focus on getting to know our customers. We have learned valuable lessons from engaging in social media. Most of all, we learned we want more! We need to be talking with them every chance we get. We also need to create more opportunities for our customers to engage with and learn from one another,” affirms Victor D’Aurio, President and CEO of PATLive.

During this initial period, the Customer Forum is available via customer’s online account management system. “The goal is to make it public in a few months once we have all the internal processes running smoothly to operate and respond to posts,” says Adam Sloan, Sales Manager.

VP of Development, Ken Devivo states, “Over the past year, we have made major strides in customer communications. We have begun surveying our customer base, adding feedback links throughout the online interface, regular email communications about what is underdevelopment, and social media. The underlying goal is to let our customers steer development efforts. We want to develop tools we already have a market for. The Customer Forum is the perfect opportunity to watch what happens when we step out of the way and let our customer lead the way.”