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Tallahassee is the eastern anchor of the 16 counties of Northwest Florida whose business climate has received national recognition for its business-friendly attitude.  This region strives to create a sustainable and diversified economy by focusing on target industry sectors that offer future growth opportunities while providing jobs with a wage structure above the national average.

Specialized foundations of world-class talent, innovation, competitive business climate, multi-modal infrastructure and sustainable growth are embraced statewide.  These tenants will allow Tallahassee to retain our unsurpassed quality of life and leading role as the capital of Florida.

Targeted Sectors

  • Alternative Energy and Environment
  • Aviation, Aerospace, Defense and National Security (Manufacturing)
  • Health Sciences and Human Performance Enhancement
  • Information Technology
  • Research and Engineering Services
  • Transportation and Logistics


Tallahassee is the home of Florida State University, historically black university Florida A&M University, Tallahassee Community College, and seven private post-secondary schools.  Multiple premier research and education institutions are attracting world-class talent while also providing training programs for a variety of skill-sets, including certification through doctorate degrees.

The Florida State University High Performance Materials Institute is dedicated to the development of composite materials that are stronger, lighter, multifunctional and affordable – a key element in the development of aerospace materials.  The FSU-FAMU College of Engineering and the FSU College of Information interact with business and student groups at the middle and high school levels to promote STEM education and careers in high tech industries.  Tallahassee Community College has developed a training program for engineering techs in composites, electrical, and mechanical systems.

  • High Performance Materials Institute (HPMI)
  • FSU College of Medicine
  • FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Florida A&M University and Florida State University College of Engineering
  • FSU National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • Advanced Manufacturing Training Center (AMTC)
  • Institute for Energy Systems Economics and Sustainably (IESES)
  • Florida Center for Advanced Aero-Propulsion (FCAAP)


Tallahassee, named Florida’s capital in 1824, midway between the then-largest cities in the state, St. Augustine and Pensacola.  Florida’s Capitol comes alive each spring for the legislative session, where lawmakers and power brokers meet to determine the state’s business agenda and budget.  Lawmakers may live here only ten weeks out of the year, but state workers and agency heads remain to carry out the state’s mission

A City Commission comprised of a leadership mayor and four at-large commissioners, all elected to staggered four-year terms, and govern the City of Tallahassee.  The City owns the local electric utility, which contributes substantially to the city’s revenues.

Leon County is governed by five district and two at-large commissioners and is elected to staggered terms of four years.  The Chair of the County Commission rotates annually among commissioners.  The Clerk of the Court, Sheriff, Tax Collector, Property Tax Appraiser, and Supervisor of Elections also are elected to terms of four years.


Tallahassee has one of the best educated talent bases in the world.  Almost two-thirds of our population has some college education.  Approximately 40% has at least a bachelor’s degree.  Add some creative young professional networking ideas like Access Tallahassee to this kind of educated population, and you’ve got a recipe for a talented workforce.


Arts are part of the daily fabric of living in Tallahassee, with numerous festivals, art in public places and cultural facilities.  From museums and art galleries, to Tallahassee-sponsored events, including theaters, ballets, orchestras, and the highly celebrated Springtime Tallahassee Festival, your social calendar will be filled.

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