Good Friends Engages Members and Helps Tallahassee

Allie Fleming
Vice President
Good Friends Group Fitness
1391 E Lafayette St
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
Email Address:
Phone: (850)270-9791

Open since Jan 2, Tallahassee’s newest fitness establishment is already making an impact on this community and in the best way possible – by volunteering. Good Friends Group Fitness is a family-friendly all group fitness center offering classes and kid-sitting services to working parents, downtown employees and Tallahassee residents in need for a customer-centric fitness center. Good Friends’ grand opening was met with a huge response from the community and as a business is proud to offer these services to members.

Good Friends Group Fitness is also committed to serving the community as a whole. This commitment extends past Good Friends’ ability to donate funds or sponsor events and onto harnessing the power of its membership and using its resources in the best ways possible. This commitment is exemplified through its newly launched philanthropic arm, Good Friends Gives.

“ Good Friends has already participated in or committed to support five community events in the span of three weeks and is launching a large effort toward their support of the American Lung Association Walk/Run in April,” said Chelsea Garfield, President and Owner. “This is an unprecedented level of community activism by a fitness organization or even a small business in Tallahassee.”

Good Friends Gives was launched in response to participating in the Girl Scout Walk/Run, the Race Judica Annual 5k Run/Walk benefiting The Refuge House, the Stomping Out Type Two Diabetes Walk/Run & Mountain Bike Race and Spinning Nation 2010 Ride 2 Recover raising money for disabled veterans. Good Friends will also be leading the opening stretch in the American Lung Association 2010 Fight for Air Walk and will close its doors that morning to encourage all members and instructors to get their workout for that day at the walk instead at the center.

“Clean air and healthy lungs is imperative for a fit life,” said Garfield. “It is a logical move for us to close our doors for a few hours and encourage everyone who would have come in to work out that morning to instead raise money and walk or run for this organization.”

Good Friends Gives is everything from forming teams to raising money and participating in an event, to sponsoring an event with donated funds, to helping coordinate the effort and lastly, promoting community events, information and resources to members.

Good Friends Group Fitness and Good Friends Gives would not be possible without the support of our corporate partners, all locally owned businesses. These companies helped our small business open and continue to operate. They are also supportive of our mission, values and our work in the community. Please thank these partners with your patronage: Premier Bank, Hendrickson Insurance Services, Seminole Sitters, Awards4U, Oliver Renovation, The Fleming Agency, Full Press Apparel, Adventures in Advertising and Fast Signs.

Good Friends welcomes all community event information and asks for information on any effort in Tallahassee/Leon County that would appeal to its membership and would be a good fit for Good Friends Gives.