Major Airport Transformation Underway

The Tallahassee International Airport has been on a mission for the past couple of years to renovate its terminal building, concessions, website and overall brand perception, evolving into a contemporary international airport with customer-centric amenities. As with any transformation of this magnitude, the process is extensive, but passengers are already enjoying an improved travel experience, as the Airport reaps the benefits of a much improved brand image.

A contributing part of this shift in customer perception is due to the Airport’s newly renovated concessions both pre-security and post-security. Another improvement contributing to the Airport’s renewed appeal is its state of the art industry website offering improved functionality and user tools such as the Total Trip Calculator and Flight Tracker. Even so, the most highly visible changes taking place at the Airport are in conjunction with the multi-phased Airport Terminal Rehabilitation Project designed to completely renovate the Airport terminal.

To date, Phase I renovations (pre-security) have been completed. Renovations include:

  • New In-Line Baggage Handling System (BHS),
  • New airline and rental car counters, safety screening machines and a new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening room.
  • New visitor information center with new LCD monitors
  • Lighting upgrades


Phase II renovations are currently underway and include:

  • Security Checkpoint and Life Safety System upgrades that will ultimately expand the checkpoint to two lanes, featuring a dedicated TSA Pre-Check lane
  • New terrazzo flooring in the central areas post-security, reflecting the Airport’s proximity to the gulf
  • New fire alarm system and new upgraded terminal-wide paging system


Funding for the Phase III renovations, once identified, will be scheduled accordingly.  Phase III renovations include:

  • Extension of the terrazzo flooring further into concourses A and B
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Lighting upgrades


Stay tuned for future updates on the Airport’s efforts to design and construct a new Rental Car Service Facility and Federal Inspection Station (FIS), as well as efforts to establish a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).